Paragliding locations in Montenegro

Kotor paragliding launch place


Visiting an incredible Bay of Kotor is simply inevitable when coming to Montenegro, and therefore it is on the list of almost every worldwide visitor traveling through Europe.

Paragliding place in Budva


"Queen of the Mediterranean", Budva, has much to offer and it is one of the rare cities in Montenegro that unites the tourist offer; from splendid beaches all over its shores, through various content for family holidays, to exciting nightclubs and parties in the open air.


Orjen is the largest mountain in the Adriatic, in the southwestern part of Montenegro, paragliding located above the Bay of Kotor, north of the town of Herceg Novi and in just half an hour by car from the city you will reach Žlijebska Lastva and the airfield "Dizdarica".


Vrsuta is a mountain that rises between Sutomore and the Crmnica hinterland and is a continuation of the mountain range from Rumija to Sozina.


Paragliding take-off station 2 (upper start) is located in the immediate vicinity (~ 30m parallel to the cable car, in the east direction) of the Savin Kuk II cable car turn station, at an altitude of 2244 m.


Krnovo is a mountainous area northeast of Niksic, which together with Lukavica forms a plateau, known among mountaineers, paragliders, and nature lovers as Montenegrin Tibet!


The airfield is located on the southern slope of the hill Stubica above the villages of Glizica and Gornji Martinići.


It is paragliding located on the southern slope of a hill known as Crni Vrh above Bitinsko polje.


It is paragliding located on the southern slope of the hill Borovac above the city park "Vodice" in Pljevlja.


Visitor is located west of Plav and rises from the lake itself.