Prime Paragliding Spots in Montenegro: A Guide to the Best Locations

Montenegro, with its diverse landscapes ranging from serene coastlines to rugged mountains, offers some of Europe's most spectacular paragliding locations. Whether you're a seasoned flyer or a beginner, these spots provide thrilling experiences and breathtaking views.

Coastal Gems: Budva, Petrovac, and Bar City

  1. Budva: Known for its stunning Adriatic views, Budva offers gentle sea breezes perfect for beginners. The flights here provide panoramic vistas of the historic town and the sparkling coastline.
  2. Petrovac: This charming coastal town offers a unique flying experience with its picturesque bay and surrounding olive groves. It is ideal for leisurely flights with moderate thermals.
  3. Bar City: A blend of urban and natural landscapes, Bar City's paragliding experience offers views of the bustling port, ancient ruins, and rugged coastline.

Bay of Kotor and Herceg-Novi: Aerial Views of Historical Towns

  1. Kotor: Flying over the Bay of Kotor presents an unparalleled opportunity to see this UNESCO World Heritage Site from above. Encircled by dramatic mountains, the bay offers stable thermals and awe-inspiring views.
  2. Herceg-Novi: Situated near the entrance of the Bay of Kotor, Herceg-Novi is perfect for those who wish to glide over a mix of historic architecture and lush green landscapes.

Mountain Majesty: Durmitor National Park

  1. Durmitor National Park: Durmitor offers challenging terrains and strong thermals for the adventurous paraglider. The park's high peaks and deep canyons provide an exhilarating flying experience and stunning views of glacial lakes and dense forests.

Each location in Montenegro offers unique flying conditions and breathtaking scenery. Whether you prefer coastal breezes or mountain winds, these paragliding spots promise unforgettable adventures in the sky. Remember always to prioritize safety and check local regulations before taking off.

Kotor paragliding launch place

Paragliding in Kotor: A Breathtaking Aerial Adventure

The Bay of Kotor, a gem in the heart of Montenegro, is an essential destination for travellers exploring Europe. Its charm lies in the stunning Boka Bay and the ancient towns dotting its shores. Paragliding here offers a unique bird's eye view of this breathtaking landscape, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Paragliding place in Budva

Paragliding in Brajići: Aerial Views of Budva's Splendor

Budva, often hailed as the "Queen of the Mediterranean," is a vibrant city in Montenegro that skillfully blends its rich history, luxurious resorts, and lively tourist attractions. For those seeking a unique perspective of Budva's beauty, away from the bustling city life, paragliding in Brajići offers an exhilarating yet serene experience.

Exploring the Skies at Dizdarica, Herceg-Novi

Dizdarica in Herceg-Novi is a must-visit paragliding spot in the expansive Orjen mountain range, the largest in the Adriatic. Located just north of Herceg Novi and a mere half-hour drive from the city, Dizdarica offers a splendid aerial adventure over the Bay of Kotor.

Paragliding at Vrsuta: A Scenic Soar Above Bar City

Vrsuta, a majestic mountain between Sutomore and the Crmnica region, is part of the mountain chain stretching from Rumija to Sozina. As a typical coastal mountain, Vrsuta offers paragliders breathtaking views of the open sea, the bustling town of Bar, and the picturesque landscapes of Sutomore, Canj, and beyond.

Paragliding at Durmitor: An Aerial Exploration

Durmitor National Park, a haven for adventure enthusiasts, offers an exceptional paragliding experience at its high-altitude take-off station, the upper start. Located near the Savin Kuk II cable car, this spot is perfect for those seeking an exhilarating flight amidst stunning natural scenery.

Krnovo: A Paraglider's Paradise in Montenegro

Krnovo, nestled northeast of Niksic and forming a plateau with Lukavica, is often called the 'Montenegrin Tibet' by mountaineers, paragliders, and nature enthusiasts alike. This mountainous region stands out for its picturesque landscapes and favourable flying conditions.

Paragliding in Danilovgrad: A Breathtaking Aerial Adventure

Danilovgrad's paragliding spot, nestled on the southern slope of Stubica Hill, presents a unique opportunity for aerial enthusiasts to explore the skies of Montenegro. This location, above the villages of Glizica and Gornji Martinići, offers a panoramic view that is both serene and spectacular.

Paragliding at Košanica: A Nature Lover's Dream

Košanica, a paragliding haven, is nestled on the southern slope of Crni Vrh, overlooking the serene Bitinsko polje. This spot is a paraglider's delight and a window to some of Montenegro's most captivating landscapes.

Paragliding at Tabla: A Scenic Adventure

The Tabla paragliding spot, nestled on the southern slope of Borovac hill above Pljevlja's "Vodice" city park, offers an enchanting flying experience. This location is a paragliding site and one of the most beautiful vantage points for Pljevlja and surrounding villages.

Visitor: A Paragliding Gem Near Plav

The visitor, located west of Plav and emerging right from the lake's edge, stands as an exceptional paragliding spot. Its unique geographical setting provides ideal conditions for thermal sailing and Safety Incident Visualization (SIV) courses.