Gift Card - Paragliding as a gift

Any gift, regardless of cost, is a pleasant event in every person's life. But there are such gifts, the price of which can never be measured since they touch the most delicate strings of our soul and leave a mark on the heart. A person may not remember thousands of presents on his long life path and never forget a single gift. Do not forget because this surprise will be the most impressive and incredible in design.

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Our professional paragliding club offers everyone a unique option for a present, which, no doubt, will remain in the memory of the gifted person forever.

Paragliding as a gift

We invite you to purchase something priceless - a gift card from the club under the most magnificent and telling name "Flight as a gift".

We draw your attention to the significant benefits of such an acquisition. The club card is valid upon presentation by any person and has no statute of limitations. The buyer can buy a perpetual gift card and independently choose the best and most appropriate moment for offering a luxurious present.

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Our club is sure that a gift of this kind will be the most significant and impressive event in life! Moreover, we offer to fly over the most beautiful place in the world - the picturesque coast of the Adriatic Sea. The beautiful Adriatic is the northern arm of the Mediterranean Sea, washing the seven countries of the planet.

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Azure waves of the most transparent water, majestic mountains covered with greenery, and picturesque ancient rocks - this is a must and can be seen from a bird's eye view!

Only we can offer everyone to experience the incomparable sensation of a real flight and see the beauty of a living planet from an unusual angle.

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Gift card: comfort as a bonus

Our wonderful offer impresses not only with its scale but also with the convenience of the accompanying service because we have taken into account all the smallest nuances of the upcoming grand event so that you can enjoy the biggest adventure of your life in peace.

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Own transfer promptly and carefully delivers the bearer to the place of flight, and the expectation of the event becomes just a pleasant and easy prelude to an exciting event.

The flight will take place strictly in tandem with an experienced and attentive instructor, which means that any force majeure circumstances are completely excluded.

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The paragliding club offers the most modern and high-tech devices for flying, so children from the age of 7 can fly with us.

An incredible adventure must be and will be captured forever! And for this we carry out the photo and video shooting - we fix priceless and sincere shots for a long happy memory.

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It is worth remembering that most people in the world dream of experiencing the indescribable freedom of flight at least once, and not everyone succeeds in fulfilling a secret desire. Our gift card "Flight as a gift" is a chance that can only come once in a lifetime.

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Present for all occasions

No material wealth will ever compare with what you present to a close and dear person. Our offer is a universal gift for any solemn moment. An adventure over the sea coast can make a birthday the most memorable event in life. The realization of an old dream of flying will show a person the degree of gratitude for aspects of his life. Or maybe a wonderful and exciting moment of soaring above the earth will become the most romantic marriage proposal? Or an ardent declaration of marital love? Our gift card is suitable for any significant occasion and will make it truly fantastic.

Order a Gift Card

A colorful gift card is an excellent gift for all occasions!

Card to the bearer, without the time limit of use. The happy owner can activate the card at any convenient time.

Cost with delivery 105€

To order a gift card, send us a message, just click on the icon of the messenger you use.

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