Vision Meets Adventure: Premium Paragliding Sunglasses for Sale

Elevate your flight experience with our exclusive range of paragliding sunglasses, designed to bring clarity and style to your aerial journeys. These sunglasses aren't just an accessory; they're a fusion of safety, comfort, and fashion, tailored for the skies. Step into the sun with confidence and embrace the horizon – your perfect pair awaits.

Helioz Wings for Life World Run Gloryfy unbreakable for sale

Helioz Wings for Life World Run

Sunglasses Gloryfy unbreakable G9 Radical Helioz Wings for Life World Run

XTR blue Gloryfy unbreakable for sale

XTR blue

Gloryfy unbreakable G9 XTR blue for sale


Lenses: NBFX STRATOS anthracite F3 (blue mirror)

Guarantees uncompromising precision and clarity of vision. STRATOS lenses perform best on clear sunny days. The blue light is not filtered which means far more available energy for the body and therefore top performance.

Radical ChrEagle

Gloryfy Unbreakable R9 Radical ChrEagle from Chrigel Maurer