Gloryfy Unbreakable

Gloryfy Unbreakable is an eyewear brand that has carved a niche for itself with its unbreakable glasses and sunglasses, crafted to endure extreme conditions while ensuring style and functionality.

The brand is known for its unique worldwide unbreakable eyewear, developed, designed, and tested in the Tyrolean Alps, boasting a highly specialized team behind every product's creation. The eyewear, made from a patented special plastic called NBFX, is not only known for its durability but has also won accolades for its innovative design and quality​1​.

One of the notable features of Gloryfy Unbreakable eyewear is its technology. The brand employs a range of technological advancements to ensure its eyewear stands up to its name—unbreakable. Among these technologies are:

  1. Inclinox Technology: This allows individual temple adjustment in mere seconds, ensuring a comfortable fit for different head shapes and sizes.
  2. Contour Technology: This technology promises the best contrast in any light condition, enhancing visual clarity and reducing eye strain.
  3. Highest Optical Quality: The lenses offer crystal clear vision and boast the highest optical quality, ensuring users have clear vision regardless of the conditions.
  4. Lightweight Material: The materials used are lightweight, ensuring they are comfortable to wear for extended periods, to the point where you hardly notice you're wearing them.
  5. Unbreakable Frame & Lenses: As the brand name suggests, the frame and lenses are unbreakable, providing a durable solution for those leading an active or adventurous lifestyle​2​.

Additionally, the brand has a range of sports glasses, each offering worldwide unique lens quality and self-adjustable temples, ensuring a snug fit and top-notch lens quality for various sporting activities. Some of the sports glasses models include G21, G20, G22 Speedliner, G13, G9 RADICAL, and G14, each with different color variations and price points​3​.

Furthermore, Gloryfy Unbreakable's innovative lens technology, CONTOUR Lens Technology, provides a maximum contrast increase, allowing you to perceive your surroundings with enhanced clarity and color contrast​4​.

The eyewear collection from Gloryfy Unbreakable is not only a testament to ingenuity but also a perfect blend of style, function, and durability, designed to meet the demands of everyday use as well as outdoor adventures.