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Coronavirus Covid-19

Coronavirus COVID-19

Covid-19: rehearsal for biological warfare

No matter how cruel it may sound, the version that the covid-19 virus is an artificially created biological weapon still has a place to be.

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Covid-19 - what vitamins and minerals will help?

A very dangerous microscopic creature walks the planet and multiplies in human organisms.

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Coronavirus Covid-19 and tourism

When to plan a vacation and what to do if you bought a ticket and a tour?

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About coronavirus Covid-19

COVID19 first appeared in China, Wuhan at the end of 2019. But according to data available in scientific studies, the very first appearance of coronavirus was recorded back in 1965.

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Things to do in Montenegro

At all times man was thinking of a free soaring flight in the sky like a bird. Fortunately, with the...
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Boat tripsBoat trips
Montenegro attracts with its location, climate, and the beauty of the coastal line, so boat trips in Montenegro are in...
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Have you been immersed in the atmosphere of a fairy tale during your vacation for a long time? Surely many...
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Rest in Montenegro on the coast of the Adriatic Sea is not only a serene lying on the beach.
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Canyoning is one of the most exciting and interesting entertainments for tourists in Montenegro.
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Zip-lining is another type of extreme activity in Montenegro, with which you can diversify your holidays in this beautiful country...
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