Icaro paragliders

Icaro Paragliders, a brand under the umbrella of Fly & More, has established its presence in the paragliding arena by offering a range of gliders, harnesses, accessories, helmets, and apparel for both enthusiasts and professionals in the sport.

The company operates out of Flintsbach, Germany, and provides an expansive lineup of products available for exploration on its official website​1​​2​.

Their range of paragliders is engineered to cater to a wide spectrum of pilots, from those who are just embarking on their paragliding journey to seasoned flyers. For instance, the PICA² is tailored for individuals not only looking to learn paragliding safely and straightforwardly but also for those who wish to actively relish the thrill of flying post-training. This model even offers a special motor riser as an optional addition, which can be requested either at the time of order or at any point thereafter​3​. The Gravis², on the other hand, embodies the essence of balance in both performance and safety, holding a significant position within the B-class of the ICARO range. Its handling and performance are touted to be on par with paragliders of a higher category, offering remarkable glide and manageability even in accelerated flight​4​.

Icaro Paragliders also presents the Falco, a product marking a new era within the EN-A Segment. The Falco is a culmination of the evolution and amalgamation of several crucial components developed over the years by Icaro, rendering it a glider with extraordinary performance for its class​5​. Beyond this, the Gravis 2, another B-class glider, along with the Pandion and the Buteo, each hold their unique position in the range, with the Gravis 2 showcasing an increased aspect ratio from 5.2 to 5.4, indicating a design inclined towards a moderate lift in performance​6​.