AirDesign paragliders

AirDesign, nestled in the serene heart of the Austrian Alps, emerged as a prolific designer and manufacturer of high-quality paragliding equipment, encompassing a variety of paragliders, paramotors, harnesses, rescues, and accessories.

Born in 2011 under the aegis of founders Stephan Stieglair and Martin Gostner, the brand embodies the spirit of freedom and the relentless pursuit of aerial adventure​1​​2​.

The journey of AirDesign's founders is a testament to their unwavering passion for paragliding. Stephan Stieglair's tryst with paragliding began in 1988, culminating in a world championship title in 1995. Alongside, he honed his skills as a test pilot in 1991 and delved into paraglider design in 2000. Martin Gostner, on the other hand, was introduced to paragliding as early as 1986 by his mother, a paragliding instructor, and his love for the sport propelled him into a plethora of roles within the paragliding community post a round-the-world trip in 1994. Their camaraderie and shared aspiration to craft gliders they yearned to fly, sowed the seeds for AirDesign​2​.

The product line of AirDesign reflects a broad spectrum of flying experiences, catering to intermediate, advanced, expert, and competition pilots. Notable models include the Soar, described as Rising Superlight and tagged as #cloudhopper, designed for cross-country and hike & fly expeditions. It's a lighter version of the Rise4 model, exuding the brand's ethos of lightweight yet high-performance gliders. Additionally, the UFO model received attention for its single-surface design, hinting at AirDesign's penchant for innovation and catering to varying pilot needs. The Rise 3 model, a high EN-B glider, further underscores the brand's commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable gliders, with former paragliding world champion Stephan Stiegler being the mastermind behind its design​3​​4​​5​.

AirDesign's philosophy is imbued with a blend of performance, fun, lightness, and durability, refusing to compromise on either spectrum. The ethos "BREAK YOUR OWN RULES" resonates through their operational base in Absam, Austrian Tyrol, where the team's dedication to producing reliable gliders fosters memorable flying moments for every pilot, from novice to expert. Their vision transcends beyond just creating gliders; it's about facilitating a lifestyle intertwined with nature, adventure, and the endless sky, urging pilots to explore, have fun, and break free from conventional restraints​2​.