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During the holidays and on tourist trips many have heard about such a form of outdoor activities as rafting. However, not everyone knows what lies behind this concept.

Rafting involves moving along the river in special boats. This does not mean that you will sit in a boat and quietly go with the flow, enjoying the views of the river valley. Rafting can also go along the bed of a mountain river with a strong current, steep rapids, and rocky shores.

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Rafting is a river adventure with an incredible amount of emotions and adrenaline. In the process of fusion, the entire muscular system is included in the work. Participants receive an unforgettable life experience and discover new opportunities in their struggle against obstacles.

Rafting is increasingly chosen as one of the options for outdoor activities. Rafting tours in the Balkans are becoming more and more popular. Many people have enjoyed the beautiful scenery and want to try their hand at conquering the seething mountain rivers.

Exciting rafting routes on the Tara River

Rafting enthusiasts consider Tara one of the best places for rafting. In the process of rafting along this cleanest river on the planet, tourists receive a lot of vivid impressions, both from the rafting itself and from the amazingly beautiful nature of the canyon. Residents of European countries nicknamed Tara the "Tears of Europe". Its waters are so clean that they can be used for drinking without prior purification.

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The most popular route runs through the most scenic area. The rafting begins in the village of Brštanovica and the finish point is the village of Šcepan Pole.  Exciting experiences await participants on this journey. Going down the river you can endlessly enjoy the amazing beauty of the cascades and rapids of the channel. On the banks in some sections of the route, you can see old buildings.

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Besides, another fascinating rafting is available for tourists along the route which starts from Slavists - the quietest and most untouched civilization of the valley. In this place, you can safely prepare for the upcoming river trip and enjoy the surroundings. Rafting participants pass by the bewitching and powerful waterfall of the Lutitsa tributary. The rate of the waterfall here is 1000 liters per second.

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Everyone who rafts, dreams of rafting on the Tara, to pass under the famous Dzhurzhevich’s bridge and feel the greatness of the elements.

The participation of children in rafting

Participants in the rafting can be children over the age of 14, subject to the mandatory presence of parents. Children under 14 years old are not recommended to participate in such events. In some cases, the possibility of rafting with a child is discussed with the organizer.

One-day and multi-day rafting

The tour program includes stops during which travelers are invited to take a photo and dine in a colorful restaurant with authentic cuisine. In a traditional culinary institution, you can treat yourself to:

  • lamb from sacha (baked lamb with potatoes),
  • grilled trout or vegetables,
  • beef chorba (local beef meat soup),
  • seasonal salad.

Tourists who do not eat meat should inform the guide in advance on the bus and ask them to serve fish or vegetables (fish dishes and grilled vegetables in the restaurant are pre-ordered) - information can be found in the “tourist guide”,  which will be sent to you with the voucher by e-mail.

Sightseeing tours in Montenegro start from bus stops - they are indicated in the booking form (it is convenient to choose the one closest to your hotel).

The duration of stops, the time of arrival to the sights, and the return back are indicated approximately. This happens both before the time indicated on the site and later for 3-4 hours. Be sure to check out the information in the “tourist guide”, which will be sent to you by e-mail at the same time as the voucher.

During the trip, buses make technical stops. In these places, there are small markets where Montenegrins sell various home specialties - honey, wine, brandy ...

The cost of rafting in Montenegro

Prices for rafting in Montenegro vary depending on the place where the tour is paid and on the saturation of the program (the length and complexity of the route are taken into account).

The cost of one-day excursions, which can be purchased on the promenade or in the tourist offices of resort towns, starts from 60 € and sometimes costs several hundred euros.

For a two-day rafting tour you will need to pay 100 € per person, children are usually given discounts. Tourists are provided with:

  • camping accommodation,
  • food
  • provision of equipment
  • transfer to the place of rafting.

Rafting in Montenegro from our company is a memorable adventure, one of the most exciting of those that are offered in European sea resorts. Professionally organized rafting will provide you with an excellent opportunity to add variety to a beach holiday and enrich your experience of staying on the Adriatic coast.

Price: 45€

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