Naviter instruments

Naviter is a company dedicated to enhancing the flying experience for pilots across the board, from novices to world-class competition winners.

Nestled in the sphere of flight navigation and analysis, Naviter has curated a suite of products and software aimed at fostering pilot excellence. Their holistic approach encompasses three core pillars: Plan, Navigate, and Learn, each designed to refine and elevate the piloting skills of those who venture into the skies.

The heart of Naviter's offerings beats with the rhythm of its powerful SeeYou software. This is not merely a tool but a companion for pilots, accompanying them through every phase of their flying journey. The software plays a pivotal role in pre-flight planning, offering a seamless transition to in-flight navigation, and culminating in post-flight analysis. It integrates critical weather data into the planning stage, cross-references pre-saved flight plans with weather forecasts and notifies pilots when conditions are ripe for flying. Moreover, the SeeYou Navigator, whether on a phone or the flagship Oudie navigation device, extends the familiarity of SeeYou software into the cockpit, providing a coherent and friendly interface for in-flight navigation​1​.

When it comes to hardware, Naviter has designed a range of devices to complement its software offerings. The Oudie series, for instance, embodies versatility and ease of use, providing a sunlight-readable screen, a long-lasting battery, and compatibility with popular navigation apps, including SeeYou Navigator. Oudie 2 is particularly tailored for gliders and powered sailplanes, aiming to be an indispensable part of a pilot's toolkit​2​. For those seeking a more advanced cockpit solution, the Oudie N integrates live weather data, enriching the flying experience with up-to-the-minute information and seamless integration with the SeeYou software​3​.

Moreover, Naviter doesn't stop at individual pilots. They have also crafted the Naviter Updater to ensure that flight instruments such as the Oudie series, Flytec Track, Hyper, and Blade remain in top shape, signaling an overarching ethos of maintaining a sustained, quality flying experience​4​.