Paragliding equipment news

Woody Valley speed bar retraction system video

Dear friend, our latest modifications on the the Wani2/Haska2 speed bar hold/retraction system caused a bit of confusion.

NOVA’s 30 year anniversary special edition PRION 4

In 2019, NOVA will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a variety of different campaigns. The first will be the limited special edition of the PRION 4. As well as the four standard colours, we will release it in NINE groovy custom colours - at no extra charge.

Buy ppg wing Vivo AirDesign

The new Vivo - #freerider is now also officially equipped with a PPG / DGAC certification and can be flown motorised.

This summer, innovation is in the SupAir!

New products that we are excited to talk about ...

New design Nova paragliders

Nova paragliders would like to present our new wing design. Nova wanted to follow our philosophy of a clear design style, but at the same time create a striking appearance that can also be seen from a distance and makes the glider seem more elongated. Model by model, this new design will feature on all future NOVA paragliders.

Nova Pentagon review

Today we would like to inform you about new five-sided rescue parachute, the Nova PENTAGON.

Buy paragliding wing Nova Bantam

The BANTAM. This full throttle ultra-light miniwing weighs only 1.65 kilos in size 12.