Paragliding equipment news

Advance impress 4 - Product presentation

Accessible Throne

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Woody Valley speed bar retraction system video

Dear friend, our latest modifications on the the Wani2/Haska2 speed bar hold/retraction system caused a bit of confusion.

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Woody Valley X Rated 7 Safety note

Requirement: Mandatory before flying

X-R7 omologation n°: EAPR-GZ-0541/16

Serial number: from: 001 - till: 1134

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Buy ppg wing Vivo AirDesign

The new Vivo - #freerider is now also officially equipped with a PPG / DGAC certification and can be flown motorised.

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New paraglider Rise 4 AirDesign

Rise 4: The WOW Effect!

Yes, this is the moment when you land and the first word that immediately comes to mind is simply “wow”. We’ve taken high-B to the next level.

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New design Nova paragliders

Nova paragliders would like to present our new wing design. Nova wanted to follow our philosophy of a clear design style, but at the same time create a striking appearance that can also be seen from a distance and makes the glider seem more elongated. Model by model, this new design will feature on all future NOVA paragliders.

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New wing SupAir Leaf 2 light

Supair is proud to introduce its latest glider : the Leaf 2 light!

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Buy paragliding wing Nova Bantam

The BANTAM. This full throttle ultra-light miniwing weighs only 1.65 kilos in size 12.

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