Autumn Special: Upgrade Your Paragliding Experience with SupAir's Exclusive Packs

Autumn Special: Upgrade Your Paragliding Experience with SupAir's Exclusive Packs

Discover the ideal time to upgrade your paragliding gear with special Autumn offers from SupAir. Explore the PROGRESS, SUMMIT, and PERFORMANCE packs tailored for different flying experiences.

Refresh Your Gear This Autumn with SupAir's Special Offers

Embrace the Season of Flying Perfection

With its stable weather conditions and serene skies, Autumn presents an ideal opportunity for paragliding enthusiasts to upgrade their equipment. SupAir introduces a range of special offers on combined packs of gliders, harnesses, and rescue parachutes, ensuring a harmonious and efficient flying experience.


PROGRESS PACK - For Fun and Safety

  • Ideal for Progression: The LEAF 3 (EN B) glider is perfect for pilots aiming for longer, safer flights and beginning their cross-country journey.
  • Complete Package: Comes with an EVO Lite harness and a Shine rescue, forming a secure and enjoyable progression pack.


SUMMIT PACK - Lightness and Efficiency Combined

  • Mountain Flying Specialized: The EIKO 2 glider is designed for hike&fly and mountain adventures.
  • Versatile Harness Options: Choose a Radical 4 or Altirando Lite 2 harness paired with a Shine rescue.
  • For the Summit Enthusiasts: Ideal for those who love to explore mountainous terrains, whether on foot or in flight.


PERFORMANCE PACK - For the Adventure Seekers

  • Cross-Country and Bivouac Flights: Focused on exploratory and lightweight flying experiences.
  • Advanced Equipment: Features the SAVAGE (EN - C) glider and STRIKE 2 competition harness.
  • Unforgettable Adventures: Designed for intense, far-reaching flights across varied terrains.


Paragliding Montenegro Club - Your Guide to the Perfect Pack

As the Paragliding Montenegro Club, we are dedicated to helping you select the pack that aligns with your skill level and flying goals. Contact us for detailed information on these offers and advice on choosing the right equipment.

Final Note:

Good flights! Enjoy the autumn skies with your new, improved gear and experience the joy of paragliding like never before. Contact us for more details on these exclusive autumn offers.