SupAir paragliders

SupAir, a brand emanating from the picturesque city of Annecy in France, has been soaring the skies of innovation for over four decades.

Inaugurated by Pierre Bouilloux, a pioneer of vol bivouac (fly-camping) and a holder of distance records, the brand's inception was intertwined with the spirit of adventure. Bouilloux embarked on creating the first harnesses during his mountain escapades, with a paraglider on his back. Over the years, SupAir has ascended to a significant stance on the international stage, thanks to its quality products, expertise, close relationship with its clientele, and strategic location in the heart of the Alps​1​.

With the core ethos of continuous innovation and enhancing the paragliding industry, SupAir has evolved into a brand synonymous with quality and reliability. Their gear is lauded for its undeniable quality, reflecting a brand committed to making paragliding a safe and exciting adventure for everyone​2​.

The essence of SupAir’s innovation is vividly illustrated through its range of paragliders. For instance, the Leaf 3, an EN-B wing, is designed as a progression wing, offering playful behavior alongside better performance in thermals and greater piloting comfort, even in turbulent conditions​3​. On the more advanced spectrum, the SupAir EN-C Savage is crafted for those yearning to explore new frontiers. With the capability to go far and fast, it's a light glider that epitomizes the adventurous spirit of the brand​4​.

The brand also caters to daring or occasional beginner pilots with its EN-A+ Birdy paraglider, termed the "Swiss Army knife" glider. This model encapsulates versatility, being light, compact, agile, and safe, allowing pilots to progress quickly while having fun​5​.

Today, SupAir boasts a passionate team of around thirty individuals, a third of whom are dedicated to Research and development, collectively sharing the joy of paragliding and contributing to the elation of flying through their innovative products​1​.