Canyoning in Montenegro

Canyoning in Montenegro offers tourists a unique blend of adventure and natural beauty. This exhilarating activity involves navigating the channels of deep mountain rivers in majestic gorges. Without any swimming devices, participants engage in an active exploration combining hiking and climbing elements.

Active Recreation Delights: Canyoning is not just about overcoming physical challenges. It's a journey that includes swimming in pristine river waters, leaping into natural pools, and experiencing thrilling descents along cliffs and waterfalls. The only tools at your disposal are professional climbing gear, ensuring a safe yet adventurous experience.

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Scenic Routes and Natural Beauty

Breathtaking Landscapes: The canyoning routes in Montenegro wind along the dynamic riverbeds, offering stunning views of untouched wilderness. Participants traverse cliffs, encounter roaring waterfalls, navigate through narrow gorges, descend on ropes, and enjoy natural water slides. Each step is an opportunity to witness the raw beauty of Montenegro's landscapes.

Adrenaline and Excitement: This outdoor activity is a physical challenge and a thrilling adventure. It promises an unforgettable experience filled with adrenaline and excitement, appealing to those seeking adventure and nature.

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Popular Canyoning Locations

Tara Canyon: Not just famous for rafting, the Tara Canyon also offers superb canyoning experiences. As Europe's deepest canyon, it boasts extraordinary views and thrilling routes.

Nevidio Canyon: A hidden gem near Kolasin, the Nevidio Canyon offers an enigmatic adventure. The journey along the Malaya Komarnica River, flanked by towering cliffs, presents a stunning blend of narrow passes and shadowy landscapes, creating an almost mystical experience.

Interfluve and Skurda Canyons: Near Bar, the Interfluve Canyon offers a memorable trip suitable for beginners. Alternatively, the gentler slopes of Skurda Canyon near Kotor provide an easier route for those starting their canyoning journey.

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Canyoning Features and Safety

Guided Adventures: To ensure safety and an enriching experience, it is advisable to undertake canyoning with experienced instructors. Suitable for beginners, these guided tours equip participants with all necessary gear, including waterproof suits, helmets, life jackets, and climbing equipment. Instruction on safe climbing techniques is also provided.

Requirements and Duration: Participants should be over 14 years old, able to swim, and in good physical condition. The duration of these tours varies from 3 to 6 hours, depending on the route complexity and rest breaks.

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Pricing and Availability

Tour Costs and Inclusions: A canyoning tour ranges from 80 to 200 euros per person. This price typically includes transfers, instructor support, equipment rental, a traditional lunch, and adventure photographs. Tours are available from April to October, weather permitting.

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Explore the captivating world of canyoning in Montenegro and indulge in an adventure combining natural beauty and thrilling challenges.

The price is from 75€

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