Tandem paragliding demonstration in Montenegro

Paragliding with the tandem masters of Montenegro

Dream of flying like a bird?

Now your dream will come true. It's so simple!

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Paragliding is the most accessible way to fly free as a bird. Paraglider this ultralight aircraft will easily realize your dreams, open up unlimited airspace in front of you and deliver incredible impressions.

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Tandem paragliding in Montenegro is accessible to everyone, including children and an adult. You do not need any special training. Tandem flights with paragliding masters of our club are comfortable, safe, and incredibly beautiful.

Choose a location and contact us to find out more information and book your tandem paragliding on the best day for the flight.

Locations for tandem paragliding

Tandem paragliding over Bečići in Budva

Tandem paragliding over Bečići in Budva

Becici is a popular resort located a few kilometers from Budva where you can see the amazing opportunity for an incredibly active holiday.

Eco-paragliding in Petrovac Montenegro

Eco-paragliding in Petrovac

Of all the types of outdoor activities, paragliding is considered to be the most exciting entertainment in Montenegro.

Kotor bay - Big paragliding adventure

Kotor bay - Big paragliding adventure

Kotor Bay is considered one of the most beautiful in the world, the landscapes here resemble fjords and cause constant delight among tourists.

Highly panoramic paragliding in city of Bar Montenegro

Panoramic paragliding in Bar

A tandem paragliding demonstration in Bar, Montenegro will be an amazing adventure and diversify your vacation in this picturesque country.

Tandem paragliding over Durmitor

Tandem paragliding over Durmitor

In the list of places in Montenegro suitable for paragliding Durmitor National Park deserves special attention.

Полет на параплане в Герцег-Нови

Tandem paragliding in Herceg-Novi

If you have never before flown a paraglider or have not yet had sufficient experience for independent flights, we suggest you fly in tandem with our instructor in Herceg-Novi.