Buy paragliding helmets Icaro 2000

Icaro 2000, rooted in the serene locale of Lago Maggiore in northern Italy, is a brand that echoes the essence of aviation adventure.

Founded in 1973, the company has since been entwined with the thrill of the skies, specializing in the design and manufacture of hang gliders, ultralight trikes, and hang gliding helmets​1​​2​. The ethos of Icaro 2000 is encapsulated in its commitment to the continuous enhancement of safety, comfort, and design in its products, a pledge that has been the rudder steering the brand through the gusts and gales of the aviation industry​3​.

The journey of Icaro 2000 is a narrative of relentless pursuit of excellence, reflected in its products that are a blend of meticulous engineering and aesthetic appeal. The hang gliders from Icaro 2000, such as Laminar, MastR, Alto, and Piuma, are embodiments of Italian design finesse, each model a promise of an unadulterated flying experience​4​. This ethos of excellence is not confined to the drawing boards but has been tested and validated in the crucible of competition. At the 23rd FAI Hang Gliding World Championships, the gold medal was clinched by Alex Ploner soaring through the skies with an Icaro Laminar. This victory wasn't a solitary star in Icaro's sky but the ninth time an Icaro wing had taken the top podium at the World Championships since 1976​5​.

Icaro 2000 extends its passion for flying beyond hang gliders to a range of helmets designed for the discerning aviator. The Icaro helmets are not merely about safety but are crafted to be a statement of style and individuality. The diverse helmet range is a testament to Icaro 2000’s dedication to providing a comprehensive suite of products to the flying community.

The tale of Icaro 2000 is not just about a company and its products, but a chronicle of the unyielding human spirit to soar higher, epitomized in every glide of an Icaro hang glider and every gust of wind against an Icaro helmet.