Nova paragliders

Nova Performance Paragliders, based in Terfens, Austria, has been in the paragliding industry since 1989, consistently innovating and producing high-quality performance paragliders.

The company was initially located in Innsbruck but relocated its headquarters to Terfens in 2010​1​. One of the key individuals behind Nova's inception is Hannes Papesh, who crafted the first wing on his mother's sewing machine, marking the humble beginnings of what would become a leading name in paragliding equipment​2​.

Nova's journey saw a significant milestone in 1990 when it established a manufacturing relationship with Mecsek Ballon KFT in Pécs, Hungary, to handle production. Over the years, the company faced challenges, like technical issues with the Nova Phantom in 1992, but these hurdles drove Nova to improve and innovate further. Notable achievements include Christian Heinrich's win at the 1999 World Paragliding Championships flying a Nova Krypton, and the introduction of the Nova Argon in 2000, which featured unsheathed Kevlar lines to reduce drag. Additionally, in 2003, Hungarian paraglider pilot Szilard Forgo set a new world record flying a Nova Aeron to a declared goal of 278.3 km in Brazil​3​.

The paragliders offered by Nova cater to a wide range of pilot skills and preferences. Their offerings include the PRION 5, designed for safety with a certification of EN/LTF A, the MENTOR 7, dubbed "The XC machine" with a certification of EN/LTF B, and the XENON, embodying a "pure racing spirit" with a two-liner design and a certification of EN/LTF D among many others. Their gliders come with different cells, aspect ratios, and weights to provide a variety of options for paragliding enthusiasts. The range of gliders showcases Nova's commitment to providing a diverse range of high-quality products that cater to different flying styles and experience levels​4​.

Furthermore, Nova not only provides paragliders but also harnesses, parachutes, and accessories, thereby offering a comprehensive range of products for paragliding enthusiasts. They ensure a blend of safety and performance in their paragliders, allowing pilots to focus on enjoying their flight​5​.

Nova Paragliders has grown to become a reputable name in the paragliding industry, with a rich history of innovation and a broad product range that continues to serve the evolving needs of paragliding enthusiasts worldwide.