A tandem paragliding demonstration in Bar, Montenegro will be an amazing adventure and diversify your vacation in this picturesque country.

The unique nature of Montenegro makes it a suitable place for paragliding, there are several amazing places where you can fly. One of them is the Barska Riviera - a resort area along the sea coast, combining luxurious seascapes and majestic mountain ranges.

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And even if you have never tried paragliding yourself before, this is not a reason to give up the pleasure of enjoying the enchanting Montenegrin views. We offer you to fly over the Barska Riviera in tandem with an experienced instructor. This is safe entertainment that will give a powerful emotional charge and a sea of ​​adrenaline. Such flights are so safe that even children and the elderly are allowed to fly.

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Paragliding from Vrsuta Mountain

The launch site is located directly on top of Vrsuta Mountain - at an altitude of 1182 m above sea level. Mount Vrsuta is the highest observation point in the coastal zone of Montenegro. It offers incredible views of the virgin nature of the protected area and, as if in the palm of your hand, you can see the whole Barska Riviera with its beaches, smoothly transitioning to the azure sea.

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The place is ideal for starting a flight: a large stone platform has a large length and gentle descent. The flight starts smoothly, but surely, which contributes to the gradual and safe acceleration of the paraglider. The convenient location of the site allows you to fly in different directions, each time opening up new spaces for yourself. From here a panoramic view, covering 360 degrees, allows you to see almost the entire southern part of Montenegro in all its natural splendour. From the top, you can even see the peaks of the Lovcen massif, other hills and the city of Podgorica. Especially beautiful it all looks in the sun at sunset.

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Paragliding over the Barska Riviera 

At the beginning of the flight, the view opens onto mountain ranges covered with dense green forests, spacious valleys, winding rivers and the stunning beauty of Skadar Lake - one of the largest in Europe. Then follows Mount Rumia which separates the lake basin from the Adriatic Sea.  During the flight you will see the city of Old Bar with its ancient architecture, nearby is Stara Maslina.

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The flight ends as smoothly and comfortably as it starts - to one of the many sites in the city of Bar. In most cases, landing takes place on a city beach or soccer field.

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Perhaps there is no better way to slowly enjoy the natural beauties of Montenegro than paragliding accompanied by an instructor. We recommend that you plan your paragliding in Bar in advance, especially if your vacation is at peak season. With us, you can pre-book a flight from Mount Vrsuta on a suitable day. We guarantee that you will receive exclusively positive emotions. This breathtaking adventure will be the most vivid memory of your vacation.

Easy booking 

Tandem paragliding demonstrations last up to 25 minutes.

The whole event will take 90 minutes. 

The transfer from the pick-up point in the City Bar and back is included.

GoPro 360 video service, download link included. 

The cost of the donation is 145 euros. 

Video with you (including SDcard) - 10 euros.

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