Advance paragliders

Advance Paragliders, established in 1988 by Rolf Zeltner and Robert Graham, has left indelible marks on the airsports community with its innovative gliding equipment.

Over the years, the brand has evolved into a world-renowned glider manufacturer, synonymous with high-quality wings and impeccable handling​1​.

Rooted in a pioneering spirit and Swiss precision, the brand's story is a blend of innovation, meticulous design, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. Their philosophy revolves around staying true to high standards and leading the mainstream, often being ahead of the times with their legendary innovations. This ethos is epitomized in their tagline: "ADVANCED Technology." They invest time refining their equipment to the minutest detail before it reaches the pilots, embodying their quest for quality and reliability​2​.

The product range of Advance Paragliders is extensive, encompassing various models designed to cater to a broad spectrum of pilots, from beginners to experts. Notable models include the SIGMA 11 XC Sportsclass Paraglider, OMEGA ULS Ultralight Racing Paraglider, PI 3 Hike & Fly Paraglider, BIBETA 6 Tandem Paraglider, and PIBI Light Tandem. Each of these models is crafted to meet the nuanced demands of paragliding enthusiasts, whether they are engaging in cross-country expeditions, racing, or leisurely flights​3​.

The brand also emphasizes the quality and reliability of their equipment. They offer a +12-month warranty extension for products registered within 10 days of purchase, reflecting their confidence in the durability and performance of their products​4​.

Advance Paragliders operates from its main base in Thun, Switzerland, with a global network of specialists and dealers ensuring its representation worldwide. Their production facility in Ho-Chi-Minh (Vietnam) is where the magic happens, with over 300 dedicated production workers crafting paragliders, harnesses, rucksacks, and accessories to the highest standards. The brand's commitment to quality is reflected in every step of the process, underlined by the phrase "Precision and perfection in every working step"​2​.