Embrace the Sky with Leading Paragliding Pioneers

At the heart of every flight is a promise of excellence, which we uphold by representing the finest paragliding manufacturers in the world. Our lineup, including renowned names like Advance, AirDesign, Charly, Icaro, Nova, Icaro2000, Gloryfy, Woody Valley, BGD, UP Paragliders, SupAir, and Naviter, symbolizes a fusion of innovation, safety, and passion. Each brand in our family is chosen to enrich your flying experience, taking you to new heights with confidence and style. Join us on a journey where the sky is not a limit but a playground.

Advance paragliders


Advance Paragliders, established in 1988 by Rolf Zeltner and Robert Graham, has left indelible marks on the airsports community with its innovative gliding equipment.

AirDesign paragliders


AirDesign, nestled in the serene heart of the Austrian Alps, emerged as a prolific designer and manufacturer of high-quality paragliding equipment, encompassing a variety of paragliders, paramotors, harnesses, rescues, and accessories.

Charly paragliders


Finsterwalder & Charly is a reputable name in the realm of air sports equipment, serving the community since 1974 with an extensive range of hang gliding and paragliding equipment.

Icaro paragliders


Icaro Paragliders, a brand under the umbrella of Fly & More, has established its presence in the paragliding arena by offering a range of gliders, harnesses, accessories, helmets, and apparel for both enthusiasts and professionals in the sport.

Nova paragliders


Nova Performance Paragliders, based in Terfens, Austria, has been in the paragliding industry since 1989, consistently innovating and producing high-quality performance paragliders.

Buy paragliding helmets Icaro 2000

Icaro 2000

Icaro 2000, rooted in the serene locale of Lago Maggiore in northern Italy, is a brand that echoes the essence of aviation adventure.

Gloryfy Unbreakable

Gloryfy Unbreakable

Gloryfy Unbreakable is an eyewear brand that has carved a niche for itself with its unbreakable glasses and sunglasses, crafted to endure extreme conditions while ensuring style and functionality.

Woody Valley paragliders

Woody Valley

Woody Valley has been a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the realm of paragliding and hang-gliding equipment since 1985.

bgd_logo Elevate Your Adventure: Top Paragliding Brands Unite


Bruce Goldsmith Design (BGD) is a reputable company in the paragliding industry known for its unique and quality paragliders, paramotor wings, and kites.

UP paragliders

UP paragliders

UP International GmbH, nestled in the beautiful town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, has been at the forefront of aviation innovation, specializing in the design and manufacture of ready-to-fly paragliders.

SupAir paragliders


SupAir, a brand emanating from the picturesque city of Annecy in France, has been soaring the skies of innovation for over four decades.

Naviter instruments


Naviter is a company dedicated to enhancing the flying experience for pilots across the board, from novices to world-class competition winners.