Zipline Montenegro

Montenegro offers various extreme activities, and ziplining is a standout choice for those looking to add excitement to their holiday. This activity lets you soar over breathtaking landscapes, offering a unique perspective of the country's natural beauty.

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Zipline Over Tara Valley

Gaze upon the majestic Dzhurdzhevicha Arch Bridge, spanning 365 meters across the Tara River, marking the start of an unforgettable zipline adventure. Tara Valley hosts three ziplines, each varying in difficulty. Beginners can enter the experience with a 350-meter route, descending from 170 meters. This approximately 45-second journey allows you to admire Europe's largest canyon at an exhilarating pace.

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Safety and Design of the Ziplines

The zipline's design, conceived in Australia, prioritizes safety and durability. Over the years, countless tourists have affirmed its reliability, and it can support weights of up to 7 tons. The heaviest participant recorded was a 205 kg tourist, showcasing the strength and security of the ziplines.

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Zipline in Budva

The Krapina complex offers a charming zipline experience for those staying in Budva. Though smaller than Tara Valley's offerings, the zipline over a quaint canyon and waterfall is equally mesmerizing. Enhance your experience with a visit to the local "Rybnyak" restaurant, where fresh trout awaits you post-descent. This attraction is conveniently located just a half-hour from Budva's centre.

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Zipline in Lovcen National Park

Lovcen National Park, near the Bay of Kotor, presents a family-friendly ziplining option. From 800 meters high, enjoy stunning views of Kotor and the sea bay. This zipline is suitable for adults and offers tandem rides for children, ensuring a thrilling yet safe family adventure.

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Booking Your Zipline Adventure

To secure your spot, booking a tourist bus tour that includes ziplining in its itinerary is advisable. These organized trips come with experienced guides familiar with the mountainous and forested terrain, enhancing your safety. The tour organizers provide necessary certifications and permits from the Montenegro Ministry of Tourism on-site, ensuring a hassle-free and unforgettable aerial journey.

The price is 10-25€

Efficient Zipline Adventure Booking

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Paragliding as a Gift

Paragliding as a Gift

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