Paragliding service and repairs

Paragliding is a fascinating sport and despite the ever-increasing performance, paragliders have also become increasingly safer. While we let ourselves be carried silently through the air, the UV rays, the changing humidity and mechanical wear and tear act on the paraglider and the rest of the equipment. The consequence of this is material changes. As long as it is within the tolerances specified by the manufacturer, there is nothing to worry about. If these are exceeded, however, there will be deviations in the trimming of the glider, which causes changed flight behaviour and can be dangerous. Therefore, we should respectfully and responsibly follow the manufacturer's instructions and subject our equipment to an inspection once a year.

The manufacturer determines which controls have to be carried out in which time frame. As a rule, with "normal use" a paraglider is checked for the first time 2 years after purchase. With intensive use, i.e. when flying over 150 hours per year, a complete check-up should be carried out every year.

Integrated paragliding service

Measurement of the air permeability of the cloth
Checking the thread thickness of the cloth (barometer)
General control of the line material
Control of the line strength (rice test)
Measurement of the line lengths with laser technology & trimming to manufacturer's dimensions
Check the line attachment to the paraglider
Control of the cap material
Checking and securing the connecting parts
Checking the risers
Creation of the examination protocol

The Club's Comprehensive 2-Year Paraglider Check

Your safety is paramount in the world of paragliding, where the sky is not just a playground but a realm of endless possibilities. At The Club, we understand that the exhilaration of flight comes with ensuring every piece of your gear is in perfect condition. That's why we're proud to offer our thorough 2-Year Paraglider Check service, designed to keep you soaring confidently.

Professional Rescuer Pack Services

Safety remains paramount in the exhilarating world of paragliding, where the sky offers boundless freedom. Understanding the critical role of your rescue equipment in ensuring a safe flight, our club is dedicated to providing top-tier Rescuer Pack services. Entrust your emergency parachute needs to our trained and certified emergency parachute packers, skilled in handling a variety of designs, including cross canopies, round canopies, and even unique shapes.

Elevate Performance with Our Professional Trim Check

Elevate your paragliding experience with our precise Trim Check service to ensure your glider performs at its peak while maintaining the highest safety standards. Whether you're questioning your glider's current trim or aiming to enhance its performance, our service offers the meticulous attention your equipment deserves.

Expert Paraglider Repair Services for Optimal Performance

In the world of paragliding, where the sky is your playground, maintaining the integrity of your equipment is crucial. Even the most minor tear or damaged line can impact your flight's performance and safety. That's where our expert Repair Service comes into play, ensuring your paraglider is not just repaired but revitalized, ready to take you on many more aerial adventures.