Rescuers pack

Rescuer packing requires specialist knowledge. Whether controllable rescue equipment, cross canopies, round canopies or even special shapes - at paragliding club only trained and certified emergency parachute packers are allowed to work.

Regular and professional packing is important for the function of the rescue device. The packing interval of your reserve parachute can be seen in the operating manual.

Identification of the rescue device

First of all, it is necessary to identify the rescue device. This is possible using the nameplate (seal of approval).


At our club, all rescue equipment is hung up for at least 3 days on a specially made hanging device for ventilation.

Visual inspection

As a first step, the rescue device is checked for conspicuous damage to caps, lines, main suspension harness and for soiling. At our service, the outer container and the loops attached for the rescue handle are also carefully checked.

Line control

The lines of the reserve parachute are checked for the correct route and, if necessary, untangled.


The rescue device is now packed on a clean, antistatic table according to the manufacturer's packing instructions (operating manual).


Every emergency parachute packed by technical service is noted down, documented and handed over signed with proof of packing.