Learn to paraglide

Maybe you've already been able to observe the great colourful spots in the air somewhere and thought of you ... "Wow, I'd like to do it" ... then the best start-up requirements for your future new flying hobby. Your first interest is awakened - Tiptop, perhaps you like now in advance in the topic a little sniffing...

Even if paragliders seem incredibly great, exciting, and exciting from the ground perspective (and that's it!), It is useful before you decide on the training to find out whether flying is fun in the air. It would be recommended to do a tandem flight before the actual paragliding flight and/or at least a test day at the flying school of your choice. Because...

... a first tandem flight is incredibly exciting! You can also find out quickly and safely whether you are flying and/or if you have no problems with altitude and free-flying. Many a man has thought about it again because of a restless stomach. My tip before the first tandem flight: Do not exaggerate with the food before and also agree with the Tandempiloten what you want to experience or fly. It does not have to be a steep spiral!

A paragliding trial day takes place on the first day of paragliding. Many flight schools allow you to book this trial day to the "Probetesten" separately. The costs are moderate and range from 50-100 EUR. In addition to the one-day training, this price includes the borrowed equipment. As a rule, the participation fees will also be charged with the basic paragliding course (if you would like to continue), so that you do not incur extra costs due to the training day for paraglider training.

The basic paragliding course makes you fit for the first steps

A basic course usually takes one week and the school will give you all the basic theoretical and practical skills you need for paragliding.

The first essential part of your paragliding training is the equipment. Under expert guidance, you will be familiar with the complete equipment (consisting of a paraglider, harness, helmet, rescue umbrella). After you have learned how and where everything has its place, the first day of the taster course starts on a meadow or a practice hill. After a thorough instruction from the flight instructors, try the first practice with the paraglider. While the start exercises in the level give you a feeling for the handling of the umbrella, usually the first smaller flights at low altitude from the practice slope follow. Step-by-step, the start and landing and the control of the parachute are then practised during the flight in the course of the paragliding flight training. In addition, the theory of this type of aerial sport will be introduced to you as well. After completion of the basic course, you will be so familiar with the paraglider theory and practice that you can start, fly and land curves easily.

Paragliding on the mountain - the first high-altitude flight

The first high altitude flight, if you have not already experienced a tandem flight in advance, is certainly one of the most exciting moments during your training. During the high-altitude flight training, flight instructors of the flying school are ready at both the starting and the landing stage, who will keep you in contact during your high-flying flight - so do not worry, you are never alone in the air!

During the following practice flights, you will learn under the guidance of the usual flight manoeuvres needed for the test flight, drive the land placement and (if everything goes well). At the end of your high-altitude flight training, you then go to the one-time, in addition to a theoretical test, you have to demonstrate what you have learned with a flawless test flight.

Paragliding learning in lowland

If you want to fly only in the lowland, you have the possibility to complete your paraglider training on the tow-winch instead of the high-altitude flight training - in the paragliding scene you speak of the "start-type winds". Just as in the high-altitude training, you need 40 flights on the tow winch with a difference in altitude above 300m to sign up for the test.

In the Flachland training course, as in the high-altitude training course:

First, familiarize yourself with your paraglider on the ground and carry out the first take-off and pull-up exercises. You will also learn the theory and practice of the winch to start. This is followed by the first start attempts with the tow winch, which will take you to a low altitude - so you will surely collect first flight experiences. Gradually the height is increased, up to the practice of notching the trailing rope as well as the free control of your paraglider - without pressure and stress you learn paragliding in your desired learning time! Your flight instructor is always connected to you on-site and via radio. The goal of your paragliding flight training is then to prepare for the paragliding test.

The completion of each paraglider training: the exam

In order to check whether you can also use the paragliding skills learned, you must complete a theoretical and a practical test to complete paragliding learning. The test for the paraglide ticket is made by an independent, independent flight instructor with an examination license. If you pass it, your exciting training time will be crowned with your flight license and you can sail independently in the mountains or in the lowland, depending on the tested start-up.

The theoretical test in the form of multiple-choice test questions the contents of the lessons on the paragliding theory and covers the fields of flight engineering, equipment, air law and weathering. In the course of the practical paraglide test, an examination flight must be completed, during which the start, a manoeuvre in the form of an 8 and the landing are evaluated.

The cost of basic course, training, examination and material

Learning paragliding is cheaper than you think. The costs for the entire training including the basic course, the rental fee for the necessary equipment as well as the paragliding certificate are between 750 and 950 euros. A one-day introductory course is available from 120 EUR depending on the paragliding school, the basic course usually comes with about 600 euros to book, the rental equipment included.

The prices for a complete new paraglide set including umbrella, harness, helmet and rescue equipment are around 3,500 euros. Many paragliding schools sell the complete set of kits directly to the paragliding pilots. It is cheaper if you buy a used set: well-received equipment you can already from 1500 to 2500 euro purchase.

Tip: Do not buy your paragliding equipment right from the start, but familiarize yourself with different paragliders and other equipment. In this way, you determine with time which paragliders you are most comfortable with and which equipment you most feel most comfortable with. Be advised by your flight instructors before purchasing your paraglider!