Parasailing at the resorts of Budva in Montenegro

Parasailing is not just another water sport; it's an experience that combines the tranquillity of the sea with the excitement of flying. Budva, a prime city on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, is renowned for its various water sports. Among these, parasailing stands out as a unique and thrilling activity.

Soaring High Above the Adriatic Sea

Parasailing Budva, a blend of parachuting and sailing, offers an extraordinary sensation of freedom and weightlessness. As you're towed behind a boat or a jet ski, you'll ascend into the sky, experiencing Montenegro's stunning landscape from a new perspective. This activity is safely managed using robust safety equipment, including a specially designed parachute that ensures a smooth and controlled flight.

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Enjoy Parasailing Budva with loved ones.

One of the highlights of Parasailing Budva is the option to share this adventure in tandem. Whether with a partner or even an older child, the experience of floating above the Adriatic Sea together is truly unforgettable. Following the flight, you'll gracefully land back on the boat's deck, guided safely by the crew.

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Breathtaking Views of Budva and Beyond

During your 10-15 minute flight, you'll be treated to spectacular panoramic views. Gaze down at Budva's old town, lush mountain peaks, sandy beaches, and picturesque islands like St. Stephen and St. Nicholas. This bird's-eye view is a unique way to appreciate the beauty of Montenegro.

parasailing in Budva Montenegro

Unique Features of Parasailing Budva Equipment

Parasailing Budva utilizes specially designed parasails, which can be round or wing-shaped. The round parasails are particularly recommended for beginners due to their stability. These parasails can lift a significant weight, up to 200 kg, ensuring a safe and enjoyable flight for nearly everyone.

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Safety Measures for a Secure Experience

Safety is paramount in parasailing. Before taking off, you'll undergo a briefing and be equipped with a life jacket and helmet. Flights are conducted over open water, free from any obstacles, and the equipment is rigorously checked daily to ensure the utmost safety for all participants.

In conclusion, Parasailing Budva offers a unique and thrilling way to experience Montenegro's stunning coastal scenery. With safety as a priority, this adventure is accessible to most people and promises an unforgettable aerial journey.

The price is 50€, 80 for two, 100€ for three people.

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