Bruce Goldsmith Design (BGD) is a reputable company in the paragliding industry known for its unique and quality paragliders, paramotor wings, and kites.

With its logistical center based in Austria and the Research and Development office situated in France, BGD has been ingraining its expertise in the field for over 25 years​1​. The journey of Bruce Goldsmith Design commenced from a small garage but has now blossomed into a leading manufacturer of quality paragliders and related equipment, marking a significant footprint in the industry​2​.

The brain behind the venture, Bruce Goldsmith, is not just a civil engineer by profession but a seasoned designer with a rich history in designing hang gliders since 1979 and paragliders since 1989. His notable stints include a 20-year tenure as a designer of paragliders for Airwave Gliders, where he designed models like the Magic, Scenic, Sport, Ten, and the Wave​3​. Bruce is a well-recognized figure in the realm of free flight, boasting titles of world champion in both hang gliding and paragliding among his numerous accolades. His design expertise has been employed by notable companies like Airwave, Ozone, and Advance before he embarked on his journey with Bruce Goldsmith Design​4​.

BGD's motto of creating "Paragliders with personality" resonates through its extensive range of products. The company not only caters to the paragliding community but also ventures into designing paramotor wings and kites, showcasing a broad spectrum of aerial sports equipment. The meticulous design and quality assurance practices at BGD have been honed over the years, ensuring that each product aligns with the company's high standards and the diverse needs of the flying community.

With a rich history, a renowned founder, and a commitment to quality and innovation, Bruce Goldsmith Design stands as a significant entity in the paragliding industry, continuously striving to push the boundaries of design and performance in the realm of aerial sports equipment.