Buy paragliding wings in Montenegro

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The BANTAM. This full throttle ultra-light miniwing weighs only 1.65 kilos in size 12. This makes it the lightest certified non-single-surface wing (7/19). We are confident that some of this year's Dolomitenmann" race participants will fly the BANTAM. Certification of the glider in two further sizes (10 and 14) is planned in the near future.


NOVA DOUBLESKIN – Minimalist hike & fly With the DOUBLESKIN, NOVA once again unpacks a real treat! At 2.1 kilos (size 17) the DOUBLESKIN is the lightest paraglider in the world, which has an upper and lower surface (with the same flat area, selection of the Ultralight Riser option; valid 06/19).

Mentor 6 Light

MENTOR 6 Light – Less weight, zero limits NOVA introduces the MENTOR 6 Light - the lightweight version of the MENTOR 6. It can be packed significantly smaller and weighs much less than the standard version (4.2 kg in comparison to 5.05 kg in size S).

Epsilon 9 Paramotor

Epsilon 9 paramotor

Sigma 11

SIGMA 11 – Ambitious Cross Country

Omega Xalps 3

OMEGA XALPS 3 – Challenge Yourself

Alpha 7

ALPHA 7 - Perfect Start