Tandem paragliding over Durmitor

Tandem paragliding over Durmitor

In the list of places in Montenegro suitable for paragliding Durmitor National Park deserves special attention.

A unique reserve, protected by UNESCO, includes a mountain range - the highest in the country. There are several launch sites for paragliding including the top of Savin Kuk. Getting here is not difficult, because the place is trendy among tourists.

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Mount Savin Kuk is located five kilometers from the resort town of Zabljak, with the onset of winter turning into a major ski resort. In summer you can enjoy a lot of skiing and paragliding. Nature itself took care of all the necessary conditions for paragliding: the location of the rocks and the correct angle of the slope provide a smooth and confident start to the flight. And taking into account that an experienced instructor will manage the flight, you have nothing to worry about at all.

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Paragliding is a great opportunity to see the sights of Durmitor Park from an unusual angle. You will fly at an altitude of 900 meters above the valley, from where, like in the palm of your hand, you will see Black Lake and the nearby picturesque Snake Lake. You will see pristine forest landscapes, many parts of which are inaccessible during hiking. Mountain ranges covered with centuries-old fir trees, fast winding streams, and a view of the city of Zabljak - this is not the whole list of what you can see from a bird's eye view.

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Flight over Durmitor in tandem with an instructor

On the day of the flight weather conditions must be taken into account. So for safety reasons all flights are made in clear weather with moderate wind.  At your disposal will be high-quality professional equipment that is carefully checked before the flight. We recommend choosing comfortable clothes, taking into account fairly cool weather, as well as closed sports shoes. 

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If you wish, you will have the opportunity to capture yourself during a flight to the camera: a photo or video against the backdrop of the majestic mountains, without a doubt, will be the most original of your vacation. At the end of the flight, a soft landing will be made in a previously prepared place. 

Paragliding from the top of Savin Cook will be your salvation in the summer heat. Life-saving coolness and fresh, crystal-clear air await even on the hottest days in the mountains. Both adults and children can participate in the adventure. We take care of all organizational matters, including transfer to the launch pad. 

Be sure that flying over Durmitor Park in Zabljak with our instructor is absolutely safe entertainment. We advise you not to postpone and book your adventure in advance on the day you need. Book now and our manager will make an appointment for a suitable date.

The duration of the tandem paragliding demonstration is up to 20 minutes depending on weather conditions.

The duration of the entire event is 60 minutes.

Easy booking

The participation fee is 115€

The transfer from the pick-up point is included.

GoPro video service, download link included.

Video with you (including SDcard) - 10€

Paragliding as a Gift

Paragliding as a Gift

A gift card is a unique gift option for all times and for any occasion.