Boat trips in Montenegro

Montenegro attracts with its location, climate, and the beauty of the coastal line, so boat trips in Montenegro are in high demand.

The area can offer a variety of impressions because here you can bask in the hot sun, get amazing emotions from exploring the sea, and understand the traditions and culture of Montenegrins.

The coastline looks great, striking with a combination of rocky cliffs, settlements, the blue of the sea, and green spaces. Montenegro stretches along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, it is also surrounded by beautiful Balkan mountains. The country occupies more than 13 thousand kilometers. From May to September people come here to relax, walk, travel by sea, and explore the bays.

Unique coastline

Each vacationer seeks to visit excursion programs. Sea voyages in groups are inexpensive and allow you to see many territories. The azure Riviera of the Adriatic is good both for its location on pebble beaches and for exploring water transport. Clearwater plays beautifully in the sunshine and nearby towns and villages delight the eye due to some originality and charm.

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Boka Kotor Bay is one of the attractive destinations and a bright trip along it will take all day. In Kotor, you can see holy places, swim along the entire area of the bay, and explore small cities by the sea, which include:

  • Risan;
  • Perast;
  • Herceg Novi;
  • Tivat.

Depending on the chosen program there may be additions, for example, exploring the island of the Virgin on the reef or the islands of Mamula, swimming in the grotto, and so on. The Bay of Kotor is beautiful in the evening in which case the Blue Cave can be excluded. If you depart after lunch you can enjoy the flooded lights of coastal cities and the sunset in the bay.

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What lanes can I order in Montenegro?

The main types of walks are as follows:

  • Fact-finding. They allow you to admire the area, and listen to an interesting program;
  • Fishing. Fishing in the sea has its own characteristics, it is proposed to test its strength in the open sea and bays;
  • Fishpik. Combines boat trips and delicious fish dishes, carried out on equipped boats;
  • Glassbot or submarine. Walking in a small boat or an underwater excursion in the daytime, at night. At night backlighting using spotlights;
  • Sea subbing and kayaking. On a kayak, you can explore calm areas: bays along the coast, fjords, and caves, and a swimming facility can be used for Skadar Lake with floating water lilies. Other lakes, a reservoir, and rivers are also suitable.

What areas are worth attention to?

It is definitely worth trying the following destinations for relaxation and visiting a number of attractions:

Kotor, the Bay of Kotor. The bay is very narrow, about 300 meters, and it is surrounded by high mountains. The city itself is quite interesting because it is buried in columns, Venetian palaces, medieval buildings, and old squares are interspersed with modern shops, cafes, and bakeries.

Herceg Novi, the fortress island of Mamula. A small island is almost entirely occupied by the fortress, it can be found near Herceg Novi. The building dates back to the 19th century, rises 16 meters, and has 200 meters in diameter. It is completely surrounded by the ocean around and from the top, you can get an excellent view of the sea, and land. One coast of the island is occupied by rocks, the second is overgrown with aloe, cacti, and shrubs. A viewing platform is available for visiting, which can be entered via a suspension bridge. Herceg Novi itself is a quiet resort surrounded by greenery.

The blue cave. The size of the grottoes allows you to swim inside on a boat, an area of approximately 300 m². You can see the refraction of the sun's rays in fine weather, creating a spectacular blue color. The cave looks attractive, and remains clean, so tourists are often offered a swim.

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Budva, about. St. Nicholas, Budva Hawaii, and Sveti Stefan. The area is attractive with clear azure water, they often get to these parts by boat to enjoy the views, relax on less busy beaches with pebbles or large stones, and dive from the rocks. You can also find beautiful panoramas and tiny churches.

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Petrovac, two islands Katich and Saint Week. There are many islands in the country, Katic and Holy Week Islands are located at the bay of Petrovac. Some skilled swimmers get there by sea, while others can rent a boat, such as a catamaran. You can inspect them, reaching the outskirts of the resort. The islands are rocky and do not suggest places for recreation with accommodation, a small church stands on Holy Week Island. The islands are attractive with beautiful views and the ability to make memorable photos.

Barska Riviera, the Royal beach. The place is clean, and picturesque, giving the opportunity to relax in solitude. The coastline stretches for 46 km and has a rugged topography which led to the formation of a large number of beaches. Approximately 9 km are beaches with sand or pebbles. The Queen's Beach, Red, and Pearl beaches are attractive. At one time the Montenegrin Queen rested here on the Royal beach enjoying the sand, clear water, and solitude thanks to the rocks. Also on the Riviera, there are a lot of historical monuments and entertainment.

Ulcinj Riviera. Suitable for discerning travelers, there are 217 sunny days a year, and the season lasts about six months. The beaches are famous for basalt sand, and the water of the Adriatic Sea is very clear. Local grey sand contains iodine, minerals, calcium salts, and a number of other elements; as a result, rest positively affects the condition of the musculoskeletal system. Here is the longest beach in Montenegro, as well as the Small Beach, where the entertainment sector is concentrated.

Each traveler and tourist will be interested to look at new places on the planet, therefore we invite you to take part in sea trips to visit the most beautiful and interesting places in Montenegro.

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