Boat trips in Montenegro

Montenegro, a gem on the Adriatic coast, is famed for its beautiful climate and picturesque coastal line, making boat trips a must-do experience. The region offers a rich tapestry of experiences, from soaking up the sun's warmth to diving into the vibrant sea life and exploring Montenegro's unique culture and traditions.

The country's coastline is a visual feast characterized by rugged cliffs, charming settlements, the pristine blue of the sea, and lush greenery. Stretching along the Adriatic Sea and surrounded by the majestic Balkan mountains, Montenegro's coast spans over 13,000 kilometres. From May to September, visitors flock here to relax, stroll, sail, and discover the captivating bays.

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Unique Coastal Beauty

Montenegro's boat trips cater to a wide range of interests. From budget-friendly group sea voyages that showcase vast stretches of the coast to exploring the pebbled beaches and the charm of local water transport, there's something for everyone. The clear waters glisten under the sun, offering breathtaking views of nearby towns and villages, each with originality and charm.

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Boka Kotor Bay: A Journey through History and Beauty

A visit to Boka Kotor Bay is a highlight, encompassing a whole day of exploration. Here, you can immerse yourself in sacred sites, swim across the bay, and discover quaint seaside cities, including Risan, Perast, Herceg Novi, and Tivat. Depending on your chosen itinerary, you might also explore the Virgin on the Reef Island or Mamula Island, swim in enchanting caves, and more. An evening in the Bay of Kotor offers a different perspective, with the possibility of omitting the Blue Cave. A post-lunch departure promises a mesmerizing view of the illuminated coastal cities and a sunset over the bay.

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A Diverse Array of Boat Excursions

Montenegro offers various types of boat tours to suit every taste:

  • Educational Tours: These trips combine sightseeing with engaging narratives about the area.
  • Fishing Adventures: Experience unique sea fishing in the open sea and bays.
  • Fishpik: A delightful mix of boat trips and exquisite fish dishes aboard equipped boats.
  • Glassbot or Submarine Excursions: Explore the underwater world in a small boat or submarine, with night trips featuring spotlight illumination.
  • Kayaking and Sea Subbing: Kayak through serene bays, fjords, and caves, or use a swimming facility at Skadar Lake with its floating water lilies. Other suitable locations include lakes, reservoirs, and rivers.
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Must-Visit Areas

Specific destinations in Montenegro are particularly noteworthy:

  • Kotor and the Bay of Kotor: The bay, surrounded by high mountains, is narrow and steeped in history. The city of Kotor boasts columns, Venetian palaces, medieval buildings, old squares, and modern amenities.
  • Herceg Novi and Mamula Fortress Island: Near Herceg Novi, this small island hosts a 19th-century fortress. Visitors can enjoy panoramic sea and land views, with one coast featuring rugged rocks and the other adorned with aloe, cacti, and shrubs. A suspension bridge leads to a viewing platform.
  • The Blue Cave: This grotto allows boat entry and is known for the stunning blue colour created by the refraction of sunlight.
  • Budva and Surrounding Islands: Known for its clear, azure waters, this area offers relaxing beach experiences and diving opportunities.
  • Petrovac, Katich, and Saint Week Islands: These islands near Petrovac offer beautiful views and photo opportunities. They are rocky and provide a unique sightseeing experience.
  • Barska Riviera and the Royal Beach: This clean, picturesque area boasts various beaches and historical sites once favoured by Montenegrin royalty.
  • Ulcinj Riviera: Ideal for the discerning traveller, this area offers sunny days, therapeutic basalt sand beaches, and a vibrant entertainment sector.

Montenegro invites each traveller to explore its enchanting coastal wonders through memorable sea trips, promising a blend of beauty, relaxation, and cultural immersion.

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