Черногорский курорт Тиват и его особенности

Tivat Montenegro resort and its features

Montenegro is famous for its attractive resorts. Charming landscapes of nature, beautiful cozy beaches, high-level service will leave the most pleasant experience for a long time even among the most demanding tourists.

The city of Tivat is one of the youngest. But nevertheless during this time it has already managed to perfectly recommend himself among fans to travel. Tivat resort attracts the attention of not only single tourists, couples with children are also happy to relax in this resort.

tivat city montenegro

Here every vacationer can find entertainment for every taste. Each tourist leaves the resort with the desire to return here again in the near future. Tivat made a huge leap in its development in just a few decades. Until the beginning of the twentieth century it was a simple undeveloped city. And now it has the level of famous cities of Montenegro.

tivat montenegro airport

Not far from the city in the Grbalj Valley is the Tivat International Airport of Montenegro, from where you can fly to many famous European cities. Until the end of the 20th century the airport was a military airfield which they decided to rebuild into a civilian one. It was this event that became the reason for taking measures to develop the infrastructure of the city. Moreover Tivat has something to occupy and surprise tourists. This airport provides the city with a never-ending influx of tourist from which the sights of the city begin. As well as monuments of antiquity and architecture can not be counted. There is something to see and something to admire.

tivat montenegro botanic

The Botanical Garden in Tivat can truly be called simply unique. Here is a huge collection of the most exotic plants. Among them are interesting trees and shrubs that were brought here from all over the world by sailors. Not every botanical garden has such a rich variety. If you happen to be in Tivat and you have not visited this unique corner of Montenegro, we can safely assume that you did not see much and your vacation was truly incomplete.

tivat montenegro mark

Among the many attractions of Tivat it is impossible not to mention the island of Mikholsk Prevlaka which is better known as the Island of Flowers. A variety of bizarre flower types grow throughout the island. If you prefer to rest in the shade of the scorching sultry sunshine then this island is just the place for relaxation that you need. You can perfectly sit in the shade of bizarre trees and admire the most beautiful flowers, of which there are a great many. And exquisite local cuisine can also please any vacationer. An incredible sight is the Renaissance Buce Palace Museum which is located in the center of the resort city. The palace belonged to the noble Buce family. Later the complex was purchased by captain Marko Lukovic, later part was transferred to the city by his relatives. The palace-museum complex includes a residential building, a garden, a chapel and outbuildings. The complex was built in the 16th century for the purpose of defense. Therefore all structures are surrounded by stone walls with a tower.

tivat montenegro

St. Mark's Island is located near the city of Tivat. Although small in length the landscape can please the eye with its picturesqueness. In addition the island has about a hundred of the most comfortable cottages of the highest class, a vacation in which will leave the most pleasant memories.

tivat montenegro beach

It is known that vacationers are primarily interested in the convenience of beaches and the conditions for swimming. But here Tivat will satisfy any tourist demand. Beach Blue Horizon is known as one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches of Montenegro. Sand on the beach is clean and soft, has healing properties. Vacationers return home not only rested and with pleasant impressions but also well-being.  In addition the gently sloping bottom and clear water are safe for children to swim and play. Pine forests and olive groves that surround the Blue Horizon give it even more comfort and charm. Blue Horizon Beach is the most suitable place for a pleasant vacation with your family!

tivat montenegro perast

If you are fortunate enough to get to Tivat, be sure to visit the neighboring small town of Perast. Despite the fact that the town is very small, not everyone can compete with its number of monuments of antiquity and history. And Skadar Lake in the vicinity of this town is the largest lake in Europe in its area. No wonder the lake is a reserve of Montenegro. It is home to a wide variety of bird species, among which you can find pelicans, black herons, great cormorants and many more unique species.
Today tours to Tivat can be purchased at many travel companies. If you take advantage of this offer, leave the most pleasant memories for yourself for life!