The Club 2-year paraglider check

Your safety is important to us. Security and insurance cover is only retained if they are checked regularly. Only the highest quality, computer-aided technologies are used at our paragliding service.

Identification of the screen

First of all, it is necessary to identify the screen. This is possible using the nameplate (seal of approval).

Air permeability test

With a textile watch according to Kretschmer, the air permeability is measured at the prescribed points.

Visual inspection of the upper and lower sail and cell partition walls

With the specially made hanging device for paragliders, the umbrella is hung on the rear edge and brought to a height/position at which the upper and lower sail and the inner workings can be inspected for holes, cracks or other damage.

Visual inspection of the lines

Every single line is checked individually for cracks, kinks, chafing or other damage from the suspension point to the harness buckle. In addition, every single stitch is examined more closely.

Visual inspection of the risers and connecting parts

Together with the line inspection, the harness buckles are checked for sharp edges and the risers for tears, holes or other damage. Of course, the sewing of the risers is also carefully checked.

Checking the tensile strength of the lines

The line required by the manufacturer is then removed, measured, duplicated and torn. The value to be achieved according to the manufacturer's information must not be undercut. Then the newly made lines are installed.

Line measurement

With a laser measuring device, all lines on one side are individually measured to the millimetre, transmitted to a program for checking and compared with the target values. The maximum tolerance according to the manufacturer's specifications is also taken into account. If the length of the lines exceeds the tolerance, a correction (trim) is carried out.


Every single line on the measured side is compared with the other side and checked. If the symmetry is correct (taking into account the tolerance according to the manufacturer), the last step can be started.

Inspection sticker and documentation

All setpoints and actual values ​​determined are entered in a document. The completed document and the broken lines will of course be given to you. Finally, the inspection sticker is attached, the umbrella is packed up and is then ready for dispatch or collection.