Latest Gear News from Advance Paragliding: Update May 2024

Stay updated with the latest advancements in paragliding gear from Advance Paragliding. With new product deliveries and ongoing developments, Advance ensure top-notch performance and safety for all paragliding enthusiasts. Order your equipment today from Paragliding Montenegro Club!

Significant progress has been made in the Advance product pipeline since January. The first THETA ULS has been delivered, and the LIGHTNESS 4 will start shipping in mid-June. This progress has freed up resources for both production and development.

Exciting news! The SIGMA DLS development is complete, and certification is in progress. This new cross-country Sportster stays true to the SIGMA philosophy, offering a noticeable performance boost and fun handling. At only 3.65 kg (size 20), it’s significantly lighter than the SIGMA 11. Deliveries are planned for August 2024.

The BIBETA 7 is still under development and is expected to be available in autumn. The BIBETA 6 remains in production and is available for order.

SQR Light 2
Advance supplies the lightest rescue equipment on the market, with 150 sizes available from June. Check out the details on the SQR Light 2 website:

Available Products
All products are currently in stock except the new THETA ULS. Check our stock list for availability.

We wish you a successful season with stable weather! Order your paragliding equipment today from Paragliding Montenegro Club.

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