Experience the Thrill of Airdesign Volt 5 – The Ultimate Speed Machine

Experience the Thrill of Airdesign Volt 5 – The Ultimate Speed Machine

The Airdesign Volt 5 is not just any paraglider; it's a testament to innovation and performance in the EN-C category. Building on the revolutionary foundation laid by its predecessor, which introduced the two-line construction to this class, the Volt 5 pushes the boundaries further, offering pilots an unmatched flying experience. Agile, smooth on the brakes, and incredibly fast, the Volt 5 is here to electrify the skies.

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Revolutionizing EN-C: A Legacy Continued

The introduction of the two-line construction by its predecessor was a game-changer in the EN-C category, significantly influencing paraglider design and performance. The Volt 5 continues this legacy of innovation, incorporating cutting-edge technology and design elements that set new standards for what pilots can expect from their gear.

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Enhanced Performance at Top-End Speed

One of the most notable improvements in the Volt 5 is its enhanced performance at top-end speed. This advancement means that pilots can now enjoy more incredible speed without compromising safety or manoeuvrability. Whether racing against the wind, chasing horizons or simply enjoying a fast-paced flight, the Volt 5 delivers exhilarating acceleration and unparalleled control.

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Agility and Smooth Handling

Agility is at the heart of the Volt 5's design. The glider responds intuitively to pilot inputs, making it a joy to fly in varying conditions. Smooth on the brakes offers pilots precise control, enabling them to navigate the air confidently and gracefully. This level of agility and power makes the Volt 5 fast and incredibly fun to fly.

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A Speed Machine for the Modern Pilot

The Volt 5 is dubbed the #speedmachine for a reason. It embodies the thrill of speed, agility, and performance, all wrapped up in a package accessible to EN-C category pilots. It's designed for those who seek to push their limits, explore new heights, and experience the pure joy of flying at the cutting edge of paragliding technology.

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Get Yourself Electrified

With the Volt 5, Airdesign invites pilots to get themselves electrified. It's an invitation to experience the rush of adrenaline, the freedom of the skies, and the sheer pleasure of flying a glider designed to be at the forefront of its class. Whether you're an experienced pilot looking to upgrade your ride or someone seeking the ultimate speed machine, the Volt 5 is ready to take your flying experience to electrifying new levels.

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The Airdesign Volt 5 represents the pinnacle of EN-C category performance. Its improved top-end speed, agility, and smooth handling make it a standout choice for pilots who demand the best. As the latest iteration in a line of revolutionary gliders, the Volt 5 continues to set the standard for what a speed machine can be—it's time to grab your #speedmachine and experience the electrifying thrill of the Volt 5.

For more information on the Airdesign Volt 5 and to become part of the speed revolution, visit Airdesign's official website.