Prioritize Safety: Expert Tips on Choosing the Best Paragliding Harness

Prioritize Safety: Expert Tips on Choosing the Best Paragliding Harness

In the latest issue of CROSS COUNTRY Magazine, an insightful report emphasizes the critical importance of selecting the correct harness for paragliding, with expert advice on prioritizing safety over other features.

Expert Advice on Harness Selection

Alain Zoller, Air Turquoise Test Facility: "If you want to choose good protection, ensure it covers from the middle of the legs to the middle of the back, at least, with a certain thickness of foam or airbag. If you buy a harness with a smaller protector, you can expect less protection. Also, when you land hard, check your protector. Take it out and visually inspect it. Not only honeycomb protectors but also airbags, inflatables, and foam can have small damages."

Robin Friess, DHV Director: "My main advice for 80% of pilots is to choose safety. Don't choose a lightweight or pod harness if you don't need it. Choose a regular harness with a big protector, including the sides and the back. And take more time to choose a harness than a glider."

Zoller and Friess highlight that selecting the correct harness is crucial for every pilot, urging them to prioritize comprehensive protection and regular inspections.

ICARO Paragliders: Commitment to Safety

Reflecting this expert advice, ICARO Paragliders offers a range of harnesses designed with safety as the top priority. Their lineup includes:

  • AIX3: A foam protector harness providing robust protection.
  • XEMA2: A reversible harness with an airbag system integrated with a spiral spring.
  • XEMA Light2: A lightweight reversible airbag harness for those who need a balance of safety and portability.

These harnesses align perfectly with the recommendations from Zoller and Friess, ensuring that pilots can fly with confidence and maximum protection. For additional safety, the LIGHTSHIELD is an optional feature for the XEMA2 and XEMA Light2 harnesses.

For more information on these safety-focused harnesses, visit ICARO Paragliders.

By taking the time to choose the correct harness, pilots can significantly enhance their safety and enjoy a more secure flying experience. Prioritize protection, and fly safe!