Nova Paragliders Unveils Exciting New Products and Plans for the Upcoming Months

Nova Paragliders Unveils Exciting New Products and Plans for the Upcoming Months

Stay ahead in the world of paragliding with the latest updates from Nova Paragliders. Discover our upcoming products and get ready for a thrilling season!

Innovative Paragliding Solutions: The CODEX Launch

  • Introducing CODEX: Nova proudly presents the CODEX, our first EN C two-liner paraglider, marking a significant milestone in our product line.
  • Exclusive Early Access: Available in sizes XS and S, the CODEX will be offered exclusively to selected dealers and team pilots starting November, three months ahead of its official market release.

nova codex new

Early-Bird Programme for CODEX

  • A Unique Opportunity: The CODEX "Early-Bird-Programme" allows enthusiasts to purchase this cutting-edge glider in sizes XS and S before its general release, providing an exclusive first-hand experience.
  • Additional Sizes and Launch Details: Additional sizes and comprehensive communication about the CODEX will be unveiled during the official product launch in January.

nova codex technical details

The ARTUS: A Revolution in Harness Comfort

  • Ultra-Light Harness: The upcoming ARTUS pod harness, weighing just 2 kg, promises unmatched comfort and mobility for paragliders.
  • Winter Launch: Scheduled for release in winter 23/24, more information about the ARTUS will be available in December.

The PENTAGON Light: A New Era in Safety

  • Lightweight Rescue System: Nova introduces the PENTAGON Light, a lighter version of the popular pentagonal rescue system, in sizes 85 and 100.
  • Simultaneous Launch: This essential safety gear will be launched alongside the ARTUS, enhancing the safety and experience of paragliders.

Nova bion3

Renewing the Tandem Experience: BION 3

  • Next-Generation Tandem Model: Details of the new BION 3, Nova's renewed tandem model, will be revealed by the year's end.
  • Spring 2024 Release: The BION 3 is set to hit the markets in spring 2024, elevating tandem paragliding to new heights.

More Innovations on the Horizon

  • Continued Development: Nova is committed to constant innovation, with more exciting developments in the pipeline for the upcoming season.

Stay Updated

  • Further Information: To stay informed about these exciting developments, visit the online version of Nova's current product flyer.

Nova Paragliders continues to push the boundaries of paragliding technology and comfort, ensuring an unparalleled experience for paragliding enthusiasts worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare for a season filled with innovation and adventure!