Extensive Gear Review: ADVANCE Lightness 4 Harness

Extensive Gear Review: ADVANCE Lightness 4 Harness

The ADVANCE Lightness 4 harness represents a significant evolution in paragliding gear. It combines Swiss engineering with practical innovation to enhance the experience of cross-country (XC) pilots. This review delves into its design improvements, practicality, and overall performance.

advance LIGHTNESS 4 Main

Design and Comfort of Advance Lightness 4

Enhanced Ergonomics and Aesthetics

The Lightness 4 has undergone a comprehensive redesign. Its ergonomic seat shell has been refined using 3D body scans, ensuring a perfect fit tailored to accurate body shapes. This enhancement improves comfort and back support by slightly shifting the body's centre of gravity. Adding comfort foam resting on the back shell amplifies this comfort, creating a cushion effect that promotes fatigue-free flying.

advance LIGHTNESS 4 top

Sporty Look with Improved Aerodynamics

The Lightness 4 features a modest rear fairing that enhances the harness's sporty appearance and improves its aerodynamics. This design element is crucial for reducing drag and improving efficiency during flight, which is a significant upgrade for pilots looking to maximize their performance in the air.

advance LIGHTNESS 4 inside

Practical Features of Lightness 4

Increased Storage and Accessibility

One of the standout improvements in the Lightness 4 is the increase in storage capacity. The back compartment now offers 35% more space than its predecessor, the Lightness 3. The redesign includes a new cockpit setup that is easier to access and manage, featuring a magnetic catch and a button to secure contents during take-off.

advance LIGHTNESS 4 protector

Safety and Protection

The harness includes an EN-certified foam protector with SAS-TEC back protection, ensuring maximum safety for pilots during flight. Including a new Closure Remembers System (CRS) makes the harness even more accessible to manage, enhancing safety and convenience.

advance LIGHTNESS 4 comfort

Compatibility and Extras

Integrated System with LIGHTPACK DLS

The Lightness 4 comes standard with the LIGHTPACK DLS, designed to form a compact and comfortable overall system with the harness. The rucksack's ergonomic design includes padded shoulder straps and a back section, optimizing comfort and handling on the ground.

advance LIGHTNESS 4 cockpit

Accessories and Customization

A range of accessories, including a windshield, hook knife, and interchangeable speedbag, are included, providing pilots with the flexibility to customize their setup according to their needs and preferences. This aspect is crucial for pilots who require adaptability in different flying conditions.

advance LIGHTNESS 4 back 


The ADVANCE Lightness 4 harness sets a new benchmark for comfort, practicality, and performance in paragliding. Its thoughtful design, innovative features, and Swiss precision make it an excellent choice for seasoned XC pilots and those looking to upgrade their flying experience with a top-tier harness. Whether it's the increased storage, enhanced aerodynamics, or improved comfort and safety features, the Lightness 4 is a leader in its class.