No matter how cruel it may sound, the version that the covid-19 virus is an artificially created biological weapon still has a place to be.

Today biologists, doctors, virologists and other experts are increasingly comparing current events with a rehearsal of biological warfare.

Last week, Leonid Roshal, president of the National Medical Chamber, gave an interview to reporters, where he stated that we were not discussing atomic warfare, we were not talking about terrorism, the coronavirus had “captured” our minds. Is this not a war?

The idea that the coronavirus pandemic is a product of human hands and is designed to destroy half of humanity comes from the shadow of fakes, rumors and conspiracies. And gradually takes the shape of a grounded theory.

Grigor Grigoryan, an expert from Armenia on the control and organization of veterinary public health, likewise considers COVID19 a biological weapon. But the level of action on the people, in his opinion, is not the virus itself, but the panic generated by it. And it is precisely behind the curtain of human panic that the creators of this “project” successfully manage world-class geopolitics.

Many experts in the field of virology are absolutely confident in the artificiality of the coronavirus, because with the availability of modern technologies, it has still not been possible to isolate it from the animal population, which became its parent distributor.

Indian scientists have revealed clear similarities between COVID19 and HIV.  They found four unique HIV insertions in coronavirus. And they say that this simply cannot be a coincidence. But the most interesting fact is that such inserts were not found in the maternal bat virus. 

There is archival evidence that in 2014 at the US Research Institute, North Carolina, a Chinese bat coronavirus study was already conducted. There have been attempts to combine it with the SARS virus. The experiments were only research in nature, and harming humanity was not at all their goal. But in the same year the United States Government refused to fund research, declaring a moratorium. After that the laboratory’s location could well have moved to Wuhan.

The version that the pandemic was planned by world politicians to test the planet’s readiness for biological warfare is also relevant among many experts today. The aforementioned Roshal calls a pandemic - a rehearsal of war. This rehearsal allows you to assess the readiness of the world for a difficult epidemic situation, estimate all the possibilities and options for overcoming the social and economic crisis with the least losses, as well as establish partnerships between states.