COVID19 first appeared in China, Wuhan at the end of 2019. But according to data available in scientific studies, the very first appearance of coronavirus was recorded back in 1965.

The coronavirus Covid-19 family has more than 30 types of viruses. They got their name due to the structure of the shell. The virus has numerous villi protruding in different directions, resembling a crown. Thanks to these same villi, the virus attaches itself to the membrane of healthy cells when it enters a living organism.

It is proved that coronavirus affects not only people, but also animals and birds. Cattle are also infected.


COVID19 is a new generation of coronavirus, it has mutated significantly since 1965. The symptomatology of the disease has also changed over time.

The main symptoms of infection with COVID19 are similar to those of the usual SARS and Influenza. But its danger lies in the fact that it gives complications to the respiratory and nervous systems, and also in some cases affects the gastrointestinal tract.

In some, the disease is asymptomatic. In others, the virus causes severe pneumonia with a fatal outcome.

If you find yourself and loved ones high body temperature, dry cough and heaviness in the chest, you should immediately call a doctor.

The coronavirus vaccine has not yet been invented, so the treatment is symptomatic.

Elderly people and people with weak immunity are most susceptible to coronavirus infection.

Transmission methods

Methods of transmission of coronavirus infection are contact and airborne. The most common is considered pin. The patient becomes infected by touching his hands with his face. The virus safely enters the body through the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and eyes.


The most successful preventive measures of infection are: adherence to hand hygiene and restriction of contact with others.

COVID19 is not stable in an alkaline environment, so it is easily washed off with soap. If you cannot wash your hands with soap, you can use antiseptic agents for the skin.

Outside of a living organism, the virus dies on average after 48 hours.

Opinions of scientists

Today coronavirus infection has reached planetary proportions. The whole world is actively fighting COVID19. People are dying, the world economy is undermined. Or maybe it's not at all simple?

There are supporters of the version that coronavirus is artificially created as a biological weapon. This theory is adhered to by Grigor Grigoryan, an expert on the control of veterinary healthcare in Armenia, Leonid Roshal, president of the National Medical Chamber and other virologists.

Chinese biologists tried to identify the connection of the virus with bats. But such a theory is not unreasonably refuted by experts from India. 

Psychologists and esotericists associate the appearance of a coronavirus with the rebellion of the Universe on the eternal race and material gluttony of mankind.

But, whatever the reason for the origin of this “pest”, now the main thing for us is to maintain health, both physical and psychological!