Paragliding take-off station 2 (upper start) is located in the immediate vicinity (~ 30m parallel to the cable car, in the east direction) of the Savin Kuk II cable car turn station, at an altitude of 2244 m.

The road

The runway can be reached by a two-seater Savin Kuk, with a transfer. The first part of the two-seater ride takes about 17 minutes, from where you can walk to the second cable car (a few minutes walk) which takes 5 minutes to the take-off. Savin Kuk Ski Resort is 5.5 km from the center of Zabljak by asphalt road.

The wind

The take-off point is oriented to the East, so the easiest way to fly is the east wind (very rare) and the most common wind is the north-east.

Landing site

Flat surface at the foot of Savino Kuk, near the parking lot, dimensions 80m x 30m, at an altitude of 1515m. GPS: 43.123027, 19.105246

The large area around the landing site is flat and without obstacles, so that the landing is safe and outside the intended landing area. Spare landing site (in case of emergency): Flat surface, part of the Savin Kuk ski slope measuring 40m x 80m, at an altitude of 1600m. GPS: 43.122553, 19.102646


The cable car works in the summer, June-September and in the winter from mid-December to the end of March. In winter, the upper cable car often does not work due to snow, so the area around the lower start is used.


Elevation: 2244 m

Altitude difference: 710 m

Average flight length: 3 km

Average flight duration: 10 min

GPS: 43.1195, 19.083

Wind: N, NO, SE

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