Orjen is the largest mountain in the Adriatic, in the southwestern part of Montenegro, paragliding located above the Bay of Kotor, north of the town of Herceg Novi and in just half an hour by car from the city you will reach Žlijebska Lastva and the airfield "Dizdarica".

This airfield offers a unique view of the entrance to Boka and the open sea.

The road

An asphalt road leads from the landing site to the take-off point - 16 km long

The wind

The rocky Orjen behind the back creates a thermal shield and causes the appearance of the south wind - the mistral, during sunny days, which provides good conditions for flying even when the dominant atmospheric wind is from the north.


Special precautions in days of strong thermals (Spring)!
We do not recommend flying pilots with less experience in the spring at the time of day when the thermals are strongest (noon when the sun shines the most) because quite strong thermal rises over 8 m / s have been recorded.

Mandatory precautions during a meteorologically unstable period (CAPE over 500 J / kg)!
On days when the predicted CAPE (Convective Available Potential Energy) exceeds 500 J / kg, deep convective cloud formation above the boundary layer is possible. Higher values indicate faster changes in the atmosphere and greater potential for storm development. If the forecasted values are around, or more than 1000 J / kg, flying activities at the airport "Dizdarica" are not allowed, because it indicates a strong convective development and the possibility of severe storms.

Elevation: 900m

Altitude difference: 900m

Average flight length: 6 km

Average flight duration: 30 min

GPS: 42.487, 18.5684

Wind: SE, S, SW

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