The airfield is located on the southern slope of the hill Stubica above the villages of Glizica and Gornji Martinići.

From the airfield there is a beautiful view of the surrounding villages and the Bjelopavlićka plain.

The road

On the road Martinići-Danilovgrad, turn right towards the village of Luka, from there to the airfield leads 8 km of road, of which the last 1 km is macadam.

Wind direction

The west and southwest wind directions are suitable for the start.

Landing site

For the landing site there are several spacious meadows at the foot of the hill and the most common are:

GPS: 42.561110, 19.153249


Elevation: 713m

Altitude difference: 650m

Average flight length: 13.7 km

Average flight duration: 45 min

GPS: 42.572168, 19.188716

Wind: S, SW

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