It is paragliding located on the southern slope of the hill Borovac above the city park "Vodice" in Pljevlja.

The airfield is also one of the most beautiful lookouts from where you can see the entire Pljevlja and surrounding villages. Flying mostly takes place over forest-covered areas. The landing is at the city stadium. An alternative landing place is "Popova njiva" which is located on the right side of the path to the stadium. Slope and thermal sailing are also possible.

The road

From the city center to the airfield is mostly paved road - 4km, the last 1 km is macadam. That part of the road is not bad and getting out in a passenger car is possible. After 5 minutes of driving, there are still about 10 minutes of walking on a gentle climb.

Wind direction

Main take-off point - suitable for southwest wind,
Left takeoff - suitable for south wind.
(is in the phase of clearing and preparation for S wind).
Top landing requires a higher level of pilot skill.


Elevation: 1,111 m

Altitude difference: 350m

Average flight length: 3 km

Average flight duration: 10 min

GPS: 43.3725, 19.3695

Wind: SW, S