It is paragliding located on the southern slope of a hill known as Crni Vrh above Bitinsko polje.

The airfield is located on one of the three long clearings and is also the most promising for progress in the field of paragliding. This airfield offers a unique view of the Bitinsko field, the canyon of the river Tara, the rocky peaks of Durmitor, the mountain Ljubišnja and the beautiful plateau with several hamlets. Flying mostly takes place above a coniferous forest. Landing can be performed on a plateau with an area of about 10km². Slope and thermal sailing are also possible.

The road

From the city center to the airfield is mostly paved road - 30km, the last 4 km is macadam. That part of the road is not bad and getting out in a passenger car is possible. After 40 minutes of driving there is still 5 minutes of walking through the forest.

Wind direction

The main airfield - suitable for southwest and south wind
Top landing is almost impossible to report due to the tall pine trees. Not recommended!


Elevation: 1.550m

Altitude difference: 300m

Average flight length: 6 km

Average flight duration: 15 min

GPS: 43.1782, 19.3355

Wind: S, SW