Krnovo is a mountainous area northeast of Niksic, which together with Lukavica forms a plateau, known among mountaineers, paragliders and nature lovers as Montenegrin Tibet!

The average height of this plateau is about 1500 m above sea level. This beautiful landscape has been completed since 2015 by wind farms which are proof of the frequent presence of wind suitable for downhill sailing.

The road

It is located 15 km from the crossroads on Jasenovo polje, in the direction of the ski center Vučje (Section of the main road Nikšić-Šavnik). The entire length, all the way to the takeoff, is an asphalt road, suitable for all types of vehicles.

Wind direction

Krnovo is known for its ability to take off in all wind directions, as well as without wind.

Landing site

Spacious meadows that cover the entire field of view allow pilots to land of their choice.


This airfield is ideal for beginners, and is the place where most Montenegrin pilots made their first flights.


Elevation: 1,706 m

Altitude difference: 193 m

Average flight length: 3.5 km

Average flight duration: 7 min

GPS: 42.8878, 19.1311

Wind: (All directions)

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