Vrsuta is a mountain that rises between Sutomore and the Crmnica hinterland and is a continuation of the mountain range from Rumija to Sozina.

It is a typical coastal mountain. The view is beautiful, towards the open sea, the town of Bar, as well as Sutomore, Canj, etc.

The road

The road consists of two sections:

To the Sutorman pass (16-18km)
From the Sutorman pass to the top of the mountain/take-off point (3.3 km high ascent)
The first section is a good, asphalt road, suitable for all types of vehicles, 16.5 km long - from the village of Virpazar on one side or 18.4 km from the town of Bar on the other side of the approach. It is a part of the section of the old road "Virpazar-Bar".

The second section is a rocky road that requires an off-road vehicle, and pilots usually choose to walk. Considering that it is a big uphill and overcoming the height difference of ~ 380 m above sea level by walking, on average it is necessary 1: 30h.

The wind

Suitable for a south wind. Alternatively, it is possible to take off in the southeast/southwest wind.

Landing site

For landing, pilots usually use the city stadium in Bar or the meadow next to the mentioned stadium.


Elevation: 1133m

Altitude difference: 1133 m

Average flight length: 7 km

Average flight duration: 20 min

GPS: 42.1533, 19.0855

Wind: S, SE, SW

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