Paragliding in Montenegro - Flight is not in a dream, but in reality!

At all times man was thinking of a free soaring flight in the sky like a bird. Fortunately, with the invention of the paraglider, everyone now has the opportunity to experience a magical sense of flight.

Paragliding Montenegro is a unique opportunity to enjoy the wonderful views of this picturesque country and get a shot of adrenaline. Do not miss the opportunity to diversify your holidays in Montenegro with unforgettable paragliding!

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What is paragliding

Paragliding is a fascinating entertainment for courageous tourists who prefer an active holiday with elements of extreme sports. A paraglider is a real flying machine that, unlike a controlled parachute, soars in the sky due to an ascending air stream.

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The natural landscape of Montenegro is ideal for paragliding. Warm air masses rise from the side of the heated sea coast and mountains forming dynamic air currents - all this contributes to the rapid climb of the paraglider and long-term planning in the sky. The wing of the aircraft, made of special fabric, gathers air, and then the wind sets the direction of flight. For safety reasons, all beginners make a flight under the supervision of an instructor, while weather conditions must be taken into account.

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The advantages of paragliding are that the aircraft is very easy to fly. Almost any control error during flight can be quickly corrected. This is easy to make an emergency landing on a light and compact paraglider, while the requirements for the landing surface are minimal. We will help you master the paraglider and make your first flight over the fabulous views of Montenegro!

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Paragliding in Montenegro - a breathtaking adventure

In Montenegro, there are many beautiful places that are worth it to admire from a bird's eye view. The best place for paragliding is considered to be the Budva Riviera - a long strip of the Adriatic coast in the southwest of the country. This is here that the best Montenegro resorts are concentrated: Budva, Rafailovici, Becici, etc. Due to the favorable location of the mountainous terrain, the place has great potential for long flights over long distances. Experienced paragliders like to fly here for many hours, enjoying the unique natural beauty.

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If you are a lover of a lively atmosphere and colorful city landscapes, then flying to overcrowded beaches and resort towns will appeal to you. Budva with its authentic architecture and cozy tiled roofs contrasts spectacularly with bright turquoise water.

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Wildlife connoisseurs will be delighted with flying from the mountains over the picturesque bays of Petrovac, Lucica, and Buljarica. No less spectacular views await you in the Bay of Kotor, in the resort of Herceg Novi. And paragliding in the Durmitor National Park above the mountain range of the same name will open you to a wonderful view of the mountain rivers and canyons.

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Well, for those who are looking for real extreme sports, we recommend flying in the city of Bar. Here, from a height of 1200 meters, an incredible panoramic view of the whole of Montenegro opens. Be sure that such an adventure will make an indelible impression on you and will certainly inspire new flights!

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Undoubtedly, Paragliding Montenegro is the number one entertainment in Montenegro, and we can safely say that without a paraglider flight your vacation in this wonderful country will be incomplete.

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Paragliding as a Gift

Paragliding as a Gift

A gift card is a unique gift option for all times and for any occasion.