Impress 4

Impress 4

Brand : Advance

Impress 4 - Accessible Throne

High-End reclining Harness

The IMPRESS series signalled a new era ten years ago. The first IMPRESS was so compact and simple that it made the first reclining harness accessible to a wide-ranging section of the public.

advance impress 4

The new IMPRESS 4 continues the tradition. It is the first comprehensive High-End cross country harness to have a tail spoiler, and will fit in every normal paraglider rucksack because of its very small packed up volume and light weight - from 6 kg. The IMPRESS 4 can also be flown without the seatboard, and so satisfies the most varied of pilot requirements. The choice is yours.

advance impress 4 1


- Flying with or without seatbaord
- Two reserve compartments (left and right)
- SAS-TEC Side crash protection
- EN/LTF Certification
- Anti-G braking parachute pocket
- Ballast compartment
- Optional Windshield
- Includes COMFORTPACK 3

Technical Details IMPRESS 4

Pilot heightcm155-172165-183178-200
Seating widthcm 313335
Harness weight kg~6~6.5~7
Protector  33g 

Harness certification                                                                                         EN 1651 / LTF 91/09, 120 kg

advance impress4