Resorts of Budva Riviera- Sveti Stefan

Resorts of Budva Riviera

Budva Riviera is a resort area in the south of Montenegro. It is known for cosy and beautiful cities and villages, surrounded by mountains on one side and washed by the waters of the Adriatic Sea - on the other.


resorts of budva riviera old town

Budva is one of the most popular resorts on the Adriatic coast, the central city of the Riviera. The permanent population of the city is about 15 thousand people. There are many shops, supermarkets, banks, markets. The length of the city beach - 2 km. The city has a large number of private apartments, located 10-15 minutes walk from the sea, which often offers only accommodation. There are several hotels. One of them - the hotel complex "Slavyanska Beach" - is a large tourist town in the Mediterranean style. On the territory, there are rooms and apartments of level 3 and 4 stars. You can choose a different type of food. The complex is located on the first coastline. Perfect for family holidays and those who love organized recreation.

Things to do in Budva?

To make a dizzying paragliding flight over all the sights of the Budva Riviera.

resorts of budva riviera old town paragliding

Walking along with one of the most famous sights of Montenegro - the Old Town. It is fully restored after the earthquake. It looks beautiful: narrow medieval streets, Venetian architecture, churches, museums, many cafes and eateries. A magnificent view opens from the fortress walls to the new part of Budva.

Take a boat trip to the island of St. Nicholas, located in the bay of the city. From the pier, every 30 minutes ships sail to and from the island. On the island, there are beaches with clear water and beautiful views of Budva.

Rest and swim at the Slavyanska beach. Pedestrian promenade with cafes and restaurants stretches for 2 km along the coastline.

Visit Mogren Beach, located behind the Old Town. The road to it is very picturesque, along the way will meet the famous sculpture - "Dancer".

Dance in discos of the city. It will appeal to active tourists and young people.


The Becici resort is 3 km from Budva. This is a completely different resort. There are almost no locals-only attendants. Hotels are mostly 4 and 5 stars. Wide, the small-pebble beach stretches for 2 km. It is considered one of the most beautiful on the Budva Riviera.

resorts of budva riviera becici beach

Things to do in Bečići?

Realize the long-held dream of free flight and make spectacular paragliding.

Visit the country's largest water park. Moreover, guests of the hotel "Mediteran" can relax there for free.

Do sea fishing.
Go on excursions inland.
Take a boat trip along the Riviera.

This resort is ideal for family holidays with children and a relaxing beach pastime.


A cosy resort for a relaxing family holiday, located 17 km from Budva, surrounded by mountains. The air here is healing, which is explained by olive and coniferous groves. There are two small pebble beaches, a beautiful bay. Prices are much lower than in Budva and Becici. The resort has many private apartments and villas of different price levels and several hotels of 3 and 4 stars.

resorts of budva riviera petrovac

Things to do in Petrovac?

Make the most incredible and most impressive paragliding flight.

Dine-in cosy cafes and restaurants, pastry shops and pizzerias located along the waterfront.

Visit the museum of Roman mosaics, which is located in the fortress "Castelo" of the XVI century.
Rent a catamaran or a boat and sail to two islands in the middle of the bay. On the island of Holy Week is a chapel, and on the island of Katic - the lighthouse.

In Petrovac are two churches of the XV and XVI centuries with ancient icons.

Montenegro is a country with beautiful nature. Come and enjoy the mountains, bays and clear waters of the Adriatic Sea!