Petrovac Paragliding Montenegro

Petrovac: A Family Paradise for Memorable Holidays

Nestled in the heart of Montenegro's coastal splendour, Petrovac emerges as a jewel among resorts, offering an idyllic retreat for families seeking serenity and adventure. Just a stone's throw from the vibrant Budva, Petrovac is a haven of tranquillity, where the azure embrace of its bay and the hushed whispers of nature beckon.

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Petrovac: A Symphony of Nature and Comfort

  • Scenic Bay and Lush Landscapes: Petrovac's stunning bay, set against a backdrop of picturesque landscapes, offers a visual feast that calms the soul.
  • Tranquil and Affordable: Renowned for its peaceful atmosphere and wallet-friendly offerings, Petrovac is a family-friendly sanctuary where relaxation and affordability go hand in hand.
  • Pristine Beaches and Crystal-Clear Waters: The resort's beaches are a testament to purity, with sparkling clear waters offering a refreshing escape from the mundane.


A Hub of Multicultural Enchantment

  • A Warm Mediterranean Haven: Montenegro's charm lies in its sunny shores and warm seas, making it a magnet for global tourists.
  • Gastronomic Delights and Fresh Air: The resort boasts a rich array of pubs and eateries and air infused with healing phytoncides, enhancing the therapeutic experience.
  • Accessible and Welcoming: Conveniently located within an hour's journey from nearby airports, Petrovac welcomes visitors from near and far.

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Year-round bliss with Peak Beach Experiences

  • Optimal Beach Season: Petrovac's beaches become a paradise for sun-seekers and water lovers from April to October.
  • Accommodations Galore: A wide selection of hotels offers varying comfort levels, catering to every family's needs.
  • Island Adventures Nearby: Two enchanting islands near the resort beckon the explorers at heart, adding a dash of adventure to the tranquil setting.

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Beaches: A Tapestry of Coastal Beauty

  • A Beach for Every Mood: Petrovac boasts a range of beaches, from the expansive 2km stretch of coarse, comforting sand to the intimate 500m central beach adorned with a bustling promenade.
  • Green-Wrapped Lučice Beach: Enclosed in verdant beauty, the 200m Lučice Beach, with its gentle shores, offers a secluded retreat, albeit a little distance from larger hotels.

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Cultural Riches and Diverse Activities

  • Historic Wonders and Nightlife Fusion: The ancient fortress, now home to a vibrant nightclub, offers a unique blend of history and modern entertainment.
  • Free Panoramic Views: The accessible observation deck provides a free, panoramic vista of the resort's beauty.
  • Active and Cultural Enrichment: From boat trips to paragliding beauty and tennis to hiking, Petrovac offers a myriad of activities for the adventurous spirit.


A Haven for Young Explorers

  • Entertainment for Children: The resort vibrantly comes alive with theatrical performances designed to captivate the young and the young at heart.

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In summary, Petrovac is not just a destination; it's an experience, a serene yet vibrant world where families can create lasting memories. If Montenegro calls to your heart, let Petrovac be your answer. A visit here promises satisfaction and a soulful journey into the heart of Montenegrin paradise.