Overview of NOVA Mentor 7 Paraglider

Overview of NOVA Mentor 7 Paraglider

The NOVA Mentor 7 is a cutting-edge paraglider, engineered to set new standards in the EN B class. It's a hybrid 2.5-liner, a configuration that balances performance and comfort uniquely.

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Key Features

  • Comfort and Glide Performance: It provides high comfort levels in cross-country flights and maintains exceptional glide performance even in turbulent conditions.
  • Efficient Design: The 2.5-liner design enhances performance without increasing the pilot's workload, enabling safe and efficient long-distance flights.
  • Enhanced Stability: It offers solid performance in turbulent air and manageable reactions in the event of collapses, even at high speeds. This stability is crucial for focusing on tactical decisions during long flights.
  • Pitch Control: The paraglider is equipped with height-adjustable C-handles (HAC-Handles) for pitch control, a feature usually reserved for two-liners. This improves efficiency in turbulent conditions and offers an advantage in XC flying.
  • Innovative Design Elements: It features 66 cells, additional rods in the rear, and a sophisticated inner structure contributing to its superior performance.
  • Specialized Risers: The Speedbrake Riser 2.0 and HAC-Handles are key components, enhancing control and ease of handling.

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Target Pilot Group

  • The Mentor 7 is ideal for pilots experienced with EN B gliders or those aiming to maximize their flight using the speed-bar and HAC handles.
  • Pilots who want to experience pitch control similar to two-liners will find this glider suitable.
  • The hybrid construction influences ground handling, favoring the use of a B3 stall over traditional big ears.

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Advanced Features for High Performance

  • Hybrid 2.5-Liner Design: Combines the properties of two-liners and three-liners, optimizing it for accelerated flying while maintaining safety typical of the MENTOR series.
  • Speed brake Riser 2.0 with HAC Handles: These features aid in efficient and comfortable control during accelerated flights.
  • Optimized Aerodynamics: The design focuses on speed and stability, ensuring excellent glide performance and stability even under accelerated conditions.

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Conclusion and Call to Action

The NOVA Mentor 7 stands out as an exemplary paraglider for enthusiasts and professionals seeking high performance, comfort, and safety in cross-country flights. Its innovative design and features cater to experienced pilots aiming for new heights in paragliding. Embrace the skies with the NOVA Mentor 7 - a glider that promises to transform your flying experience. Explore more and consider making this remarkable glider part of your aviation journey.

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