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Secondhand B class paraglider ASA Tayran 4 for sale

Tayran 4

Secondhand B class paraglider ASA Tayran 4 for sale

The Tayran 4 paraglider was created for pilots who have just graduated from flight school. It optimally combines excellent launch characteristics, handling, and stability. The balance of these characteristics is ideal for the first wing.

The main design features of the paraglider:

  • A new stable wing profile.
  • More accurate maintenance of the theoretical contour of the rib due to modern reinforcements along the leading edge (ridgefoils).
  • A line system designed with a margin of safety for motor use.


Differences between the Tayran 4 paraglider from its successful predecessor Tayran 2:

  • Has an easier start with no tendency to "fly" ahead, which is especially important for beginners;
  • Increased paraglider stability in turbulent conditions;
  • The maximum speed and quality of the paraglider have grown in all modes.

"Tayran 4" has proprietary handling. It is agile and responds clearly to toggles and weight work, which is very important for beginners. When working inflows, this allows you to enjoy the flight, and not fight with thermals.

Flying by paramotor

Thanks to its easy start, good handling, and good speed, the Tayran 4 can be flown under a motor. This is a universal wing that can be used by freelancers and minders alike. The purpose of this wing meets the needs of the "after-school" dome as much as possible. These are: regularly fly on weekends on a winch, make the first trips to unfamiliar places, make the first 30-50-100 km routes, and try a wing with a motor. The combination of comfort and reliability, and good flight characteristics with a large speed range - are the main features of the Tayran-4 paraglider.


Paraglider "Tayran 4" - specifications

  22 25 27 30
Area | Flat (m2) 22,12 24,65 27,33 30,11
Span | Flat (m) 10,25 11,42 12,02 12,62
Aspect ratio | Flat 5.29 5.29 5,29 5.29
Area | Projected (m2) 18,57 20,70 22,94 25,29
Span | Projected (m) 7,85 8,75 9,21 9,67
Aspect ratio | Projected 3,71 3,71 3,71 3,71
Cells 49 49 49 49
Start weight (kg) 60-80 70-90 85-110 100-130
Min speed km/h 24 24 24 24
Trim speed km/h 37 37 37 37
Max speed km/h 53 53 53 53
Min reduction m/s 1,1 1,1 1,1 1,1